An Online Interior Design Course Unlike Any Other

Aren’t all online interior design courses pretty much the same? Actually, no, they’re not. At a glance, you may think they are all very similar. But look into the finer detail and you’ll realise that the Juliettes Online Interior Design Course really does offer a whole lot more than most. It is even featured in Livingetc Magazine’s 6 of the Best Online Interior Design Courses You Can Do From Home.


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Not all courses are created equal

Start looking into what is actually offered by the majority of online interior design courses and you’ll see that they are by no means equal. Most offer pre-recorded sessions where you teach yourself based on their static materials. You may be lucky enough to have a short face-to-face online consultation but most of your time will be spent alone, working your own way through pre-set modules. You might just as well buy a book. Or go to the library. What you will actually learn varies. You may be taught how to create floor plans, choose furniture to fit or to combine colours. It may be something as simple as how to create a mood board. Always make sure you check course content carefully.

How is our Online Interior Design Course different?

Our courses are aimed at complete beginners so no previous experience is required. When you join our Online Interior Design Course, you will be part of a live, interactive class. You will be with a small group of other like-minded interior design students, allowing you to chat, share ideas and be inspired by everyone around you. Not only that – and this is the most important part – you will have the undivided attention of our live, BIID-certified (British Institute of Interior Design) tutor throughout each session. With 2 x 2 hour sessions per week for 5 weeks, that’s 20 hours of live, interactive tuition with a skilled, approachable interior designer. It’s just like being in a classroom. You can ask questions, go over things again if you need to, even put your hand up if you need help with anything. With groups limited to a maximum of 8 students, our tutors will personally guide you step-by-step through every part of the process. Classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 – 8 pm GMT for five weeks.

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A room of your own

We want every part of our Online Interior Design Course to be practical and relevant to you. So, we ask you to design a room in your own home. It could be a guest bedroom, TV room, home office or dining room. Maybe you would like to re-design a room to include a dedicated work space. Perhaps the children have outgrown jungles or fairies and need something more sophisticated. Whatever you choose to do, you will not only be learning the theory of interior design, you’ll be putting it into practice straightaway with your very first project.

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from rough sketch to accurate floor plan
Interior Design Course, accurate floor plan
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What else?

Before you start the course, we will send you a design pack, with drawing board, scale rule, set squares and drawing materials. Everything you need to create perfect interior designs every time. As well as live, interactive classes every week, you will also have access to reference materials, tutorials and resources through our student portal. These allow you to take what you’ve learned each week and continue work on your project in your own time if you want to. Homework, if you like. You’ll be able to access these at any time in the future to help you with ongoing interior design projects.

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What will I learn?

This is not just a colour-combining or mood board tutorial. Throughout the course, you will learn all the fundamentals of the interior design process. From an introduction to scale drawing, right the way through to final installation and snagging.

• How to create traditional, paper plans and layouts
• The Brief – initial consultation and fact-finding
• Space planning
• Discovering colours, fabrics and finishes
• Mood boards
• Soft furnishings
• Lighting scheme
• Sourcing items
• Costing schedule
• Procurement
• Logistics and installation
• Project management

By the end of the course, you will have a finished design and all the information you need to complete your project. And with what you learn here, you will have the skills to design and complete any room in any house at any point in the future. It may even be a stepping stone to a future career in interior design.

A 20% discount on luxury furniture

The icing on the cake of our Online Interior Design Course is that, upon completion, you will be granted a Student Account with us. This gives you a 20% discount on anything you order from Juliettes Interiors. There is no minimum order value, you can use it as many times as you like, and there is no expiry date. Previous students have gone on to design more rooms in their homes, still taking advantage of their student accounts. Book now to secure your place and all the extras that go with it. Places are very limited so don’t delay.

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2 responses to “An Online Interior Design Course Unlike Any Other

  1. Hi I’m interested in doing this course. Especially would like to learn how to make scale drawings.
    Does the course along side drawings offer lessons on CAD. I have no formal background in interior design but like to decorate as a hobby.
    Other than the four hours of teaching per week would there be time commitment required to do any assignments

    1. Hello Sumeera

      Thank you for your interest in our interior design course. The scaled drawings is part of the course. However, learning AutoCad would be another course in its own right. That would be your next step after this course. Our course is an introduction to interior design and then you go on from there. Having no experience is exactly the type of student this course is aimed at. There are no assignments per-say after the teaching time but its up to you if you wish to work at hone with what we have taught you in-between the classes.

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