Interior Design Colour Trends 2021

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you our rundown of the Interior Design trends we think you should look out for this autumn, winter and on into 2021. We did say that Colour Trends for 2021 really needed its own feature. Well, here it is. We touched on colour trends briefly in our previous post but now we take a more in-depth look. And remember, these trends are not just for walls but all your luxury furniture as well. We are combining our own experiences with the big paint companies’ colours of the year. As we’ve said before, however, the high end interior design world does not slavishly follow trends. It takes a more classic and eclectic approach. So, if by the end of this post there is still nothing that jumps out at you, not to worry. Give us a call to chat about your own personal tastes and favourites. We’ll work with you to find the perfect colour combinations for you.

Dulux, brave ground, colour trends 2021

Dulux Colour Trends 2021

Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 was announced recently as Brave Ground. This is a warm, friendly, earthy colour that they describe as bolstering and balancing. We would describe it as a mid, warm neutral. As such, it works beautifully with a whole range of colours, from bold warm pinks to calming blues and greens. As usual, Dulux have created four inspiration palettes. Expressive teams Brave Ground with deep rose, terracotta and even a cool lilac. Trust is a collection of calm neutrals, from a deep cacao to pale goose down. Timeless is natural and earthy, from mud to smooth mustards, while Earth gives us nature-inspired blues and greens but nothing harsh or glaring.

Colour trends 2021, Dulux brave ground, expressive palette
Dulux Brave Ground, Expressive Palette
Image © Dulux
Colour Trends 2021, Dulux Trust palette
Trust Palette
Image © Dulux
Dulux colour of the year 2021, brave ground, timeless palette
Timeless Palette
Image © Dulux
Dulux colour of the year 2021, brave ground, earth palette
Earth Palette
Image © Dulux

Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2021

Following a similar theme of comfort and down-to-earth tranquility, Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2021 is Urbane Bronze. Designed to inspire a sense of calm from the ground up, this is a deep, earthy neutral. Either as the main theme or an accent colour, it works well with other warm neutrals, bone whites and natural, forest colours. Team it with wood and warm metallics for a grounded, uncontrived feel. Or pair with dark marble and fabulous textiles to up the luxe level.

Colour trends 2021, Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
Sherwin Williams colour of the year 2021, urban bronze, bedroom setting

Behr Colour Trends 2021

Rather than give us a single Colour of the Year, Behr take a more holistic view with their 2021 colour trend palette. This year’s offering encompasses 6 colour themes and 21 shades. Again, however, their colour choice is all about comfort and the affect of colour on mood and wellbeing. With its warm neutrals, soft greens, terracottas and moody blues, it is a versatile palette. It allows colour to mingle, creating harmony in living and working spaces, reflecting the changing way in which we are using our homes since the start of the pandemic. It echoes our desire for the outdoors, fresh air, travel and sea. At the same time, it includes rich, optimistic colours to lift the spirit, with its bold, smoky aubergine and vibrant teal shades.

Colour trends 2021, Behr
Image courtesy of Behr

Graham & Brown Colour Trends 2021

First of all, Graham & Brown released their Wallpaper of the Year – a bold, geometric design including snippets of their previous wallpapers, including their first ever design. Their colour trend predictions essentially mirror the tones used within the wallpaper. This is a definite departure from the soft neutrals of the other 2021 colour trend predictions, although Behr do touch on a couple. Graham & Brown’s colour of the year is Epoch, a rich, deep burgundy, which they then team with bright teal, a medium dusky pink and a gentle stone. It is an audacious, adventurous palette – still comforting but confident and encouraging. It seems to be looking forward to better times. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Colour trends 2021, Graham & Brown Epoch
Image courtesy of Graham & Brown

Saturated, bold colours

Although we keep saying that warm neutrals are trending, all the collections above include some spectacular, bold colours. From bright turquoise to burgundy, burnt orange or coral pink. They are brave, eye-catching colours with big personality. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with an entirely bold colour scheme, why not start with a neutral backdrop and introduce accessories and accent pieces until you reach the level that’s right for you? Something as simple as a cushion, a vase or a statement chair may be enough. Or you may find that, actually, you are braver than you think.

Graham & Brown Timepiece Wall Mural with Epoch Paintwork
Image courtesy of Graham & Brown

Other Colours on the Horizon

We are still waiting to hear about both the Pantone and Benjamin Moore colours of the year, and Farrow & Ball’s colour trends 2021. We’re looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next year. Apart from those, as we said in our previous post, greens are definitely trending for this coming year – from neo mint to sage to forest. Moving on from millennial pink, we are seeing a wider range of tones, from pale blush to a deep smokey rose. Calming blues are always a classic but we are seeing a move towards the softer hues, so less in the way of bright, primary blue. Yellow is still here but is getting even deeper – think of turmeric and ochre. Some experts are predicting a move towards a bright aqua – a shade or two lighter than the rich teals we’ve seen from Behr and Graham & Brown. And, as you’ve seen, aubergine is also making inroads, in both pure and smokey tones.

Colour trends 2021, yellow ochre, turmeric
Image © Dulux

A Brief Word on Metallics

We are seeing some very clever use of metallics as an accent on walls. No longer the domain of furniture alone, this can be anything from a discreet use of paint with a subtle metallic sheen to a full-blown, bespoke, hand-crafted wall like the one shown below. A feature like this requires expert treatment so ask us about textured wall coverings or hand-created designs before making any decisions.

hand painted feature wall, green oxide and metallic copper abstract

Expert Interior Design Advice

We are loving the palettes provided this year. They offer so much scope in how we combine colours as part of our interior design. In the end, though, the choice is always yours. Maybe you have an idea of colours you like but can’t see how they would work in your home. Perhaps you would like to experiment with colour but don’t know where to start. Our interior design team is always here to help. They can show you how different colours can change the entire feel of a room. They can demonstrate how colours work together to create something calm and muted, bold and adventurous or classic and timeless. If you’re struggling with your colour choices, just give us a call or drop us a line and find out how we can help.

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  1. Please could you tell me what this is – is it wall paper or a painted effect ? It’s stunning !
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Lin

      Its a green oxide and metal paint mixed together. Each will be a unique finish. Hope that helps.

  2. The last picture in the story, teal and metallic colours. With the cushions in the front. Is it wallpaper or paint effects

    1. HI Saun

      Its a green oxide and metal paint mixed together. Each will be a unique finish. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi, can you please tell me what brand and colour name is the copper/bronze paint in the second picture please?

    1. Hello Karen. The paint swatch pictures are simply stock images just to give an idea of metallic paint finishes so, unfortunately, we do not know the brand. We can only suggest that you do an online search for metallic paint to find out which manufacturers in your area have a range, then request their paint charts and a few tester pots. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

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