Interior Design Trends 2020

What are the interior design trends you should be looking out for in 2020? What’s the next big thing? We look ahead to the interiors trends on the horizon for 2020 and give you a heads up if you’re thinking of starting a new interior design project.

Interior Design Trends 2020 – Colour

Let’s start with colour. Each year, the major paint manufacturers all bring out their own colour of the year, telling us what they think will be on trend this year. But how do they compare with the actual colours we end up using? Hmmm. It varies. These chosen colours vary so much that you can’t possibly follow them all. It is a case of choosing your favourite but we have noticed some very distinct trends, not only at the latest design shows but also on Pinterest and Instagram – showing the trends being created out there in the real world.


interior design trends 2020, neo mint moodboard


Neo Mint

We would say that the clear favourite is currently Neo Mint, a clean, fresh and cool shade of minty green with a blue base. It is serene and calming with a hint of fun. If a whole wall of neo mint paint or tiles is too much for you, choose items of luxury furniture, accessories or lighting to give neo mint accents.


interior design trends 2020, neo mint bed with headboard


Tranquil Dawn v Back to Nature

Close on its heels, however, and set to take over the top spot (in our opinion) are softer shades of more yellow-based greens. Perfect for those who are not fond of a cool, candy colour, these greens range from light chartreuse or pistachio shades through to mid-sage and deep forest green. Tranquil Dawn by Dulux and Back to Nature by Behrs – both colours of the year for 2020 – reflect this move towards a more natural shade of green. Although the Dulux shade is closer to the neo mint end of the scale, both are soft, light and designed “to purify and promote balance”. With our ever-growing focus on wellness, the companies say they will help us all to be happier, calmer and more creative.


Interior design trends 2020, Dulux Tranquil Dawn
Tranquil Dawn © Dulux


interior design trends 2020, Behrs back to nature, green paint
Back to Nature © Behr Corporation


interior design trends 2020, yellow-green bed

interior design trends 2020, forest green armchair and pouffe


Natural, Earthy Colours

These warmer greens work beautifully with all the natural, earthy tones that are coming to the forefront in interior design and luxury furniture. Grey is making way for warmer neutrals, again these are yellow-based. We are also looking forward to deep, dark reds, rich russets and plummy burgundies. Along with rich mustards, we will also start to see softer, golden yellows – a welcome addition to the palette if you find mustard too jarring.


interior design trends 2020, russet lacquer drawers

interior design trends 2020, russet velvet armchair

interior design trends 2020, burgundy velvet round armchair

interior design trends 2020, soft yellow velvet armchair



Part of this move towards earthier colours is the increasing prevalence of tartan – but not the traditional, bright reds and greens of yesteryear. Our 2020 tartans will be softer and more muted, blending into contemporary and even, with some careful thought, minimalist interiors. You no longer need to live in a big, baronial hall or a cosy cottage to enjoy the quirkiness of tartan.


interior design trends 2020, tartan occasional chair

interior design trends 2020, brown and grey tartan cushion


Moody Blues and Millennial Pink

Don’t worry, blue has not gone away. It is becoming duskier, and mid to deep shades of moody blue will be seen on walls, soft furnishings and statement pieces of luxury furniture. It works well with so many other colours including warm neutrals, soft yellows and accents of plum, pink and neo mint. Millennial pink is one of those trends that is here to stay for a while yet but, if you are looking for something a bit more grown up, it’s worth thinking about oxblood. This deep, rich, brownish red (sometimes with a tiny hint of purple) is picking up a lot of followers. Imagine a supersoft oxblood leather – for a luxury sofa, an opulent armchair, your study chair… We think it’s time for a change.


interior design trends 2020, dusky blue velvet bed

interior design trends 2020, blue designer occasional chair

interior design trends 2020, oxblood painted bathroom
Brinjal No. 222 © Farrow and Ball

interiors design trends 2020, oxblood armchair

Innovative Shapes

The overriding theme for interior design in 2020 is curves. We are talking smooth sinuous lines, scalloped edges, padded curves and fan shapes. From luxury sofas to designer buffets and bedside tables, curves are popping up everywhere. Take a look at Topps Tiles tile of the year. Syren is a beautiful, fan-shaped tile design, reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail. So, there are ways of incorporating curves, fans and scallops all around your home. This is not to say that sleek, straight lines are going away – this one will always be a matter of personal taste. Curves can be classic and elegant or more flamboyant. How far you wish to go is up to you. Lots of pictures in this next section so keep scrolling…


interior design trends 2020, brown velvet bed with large curved headboard

interior design trends 2020, soft curved nubuck leather armchair

interior design trends 2020, large curved modular sofa

interior design trends 2020, dark, macassar wood sideboard with wave front

interior design trends 2020, curved beige leather buffet

interior design trends 2020, teal velvet scallop back chair

interior design trends, Topps syren, fan shaped tiles
Syren tiles © Topps Tiles

interior design trends 2020, gold and marble scalloped, folding dressing screen

Texture and Comfort

We have said this many times recently. The continuing theme in luxury furniture is all about ultimate comfort. Home is where you come to relax, to de-stress and unwind. Yes, you want your furniture to look beautiful, but no longer at the expense of comfort. Texture plays a big part in this movement. Whether you prefer a supremely soft leather or warm nubuck, smooth velvets, natural linens or modern, textured fabrics, everything is designed to both catch the eye and envelop you in opulence.


interior design trends 2020, textured fabric dining chairs

interior design trends 2020, coral colour cushion with feathered tufts

interior design trends 2020, soft yellow linen armchair

Natural Materials

We have to say, macramé is not a trend that we are likely to embrace any time soon here at Juliettes – but don’t let us stop you. We do, however, love the trend for soft woollens, rattan, wood and leather. Beautiful herringbone flooring, woven wicker and knitted throws. Plump wool cushions, cool linen fabrics and natural cotton coverings. Synthetics do still have their place, particularly when you want durability (or a luxurious alternative to fur) but the trend for natural materials will only grow as environmental concerns take on a greater focus.


interior design trends 2020, woven wicker outdoor chair

interior design trends 2020, dark grey woollen daisy cushion

interior design trends 2020, luxurious brown faux fur throw

interior design trends 2020, herringbone wool throw
Photo © WoolOvers UK



You cannot have missed this one. Houseplants are on the rise – they are even de rigeur in student accommodation but that’s a story for another time. We’ve always advocated bringing the outdoors indoors but, until recently, this meant large picture windows and a good view of the garden. Now, the garden itself is moving in. As well as looking fresh and healthy, and making us feel calmer, there are health benefits to living and working alongside plants. Amongst other things, they soak up some of the free radicals and pollutants caused by all our gadgets. In design terms, this trend also feeds into the bold, botanical vibe that we have been seeing in wallpapers and textiles. Our advice is to avoid anything small and fussy. Be brave and go for big, bold foliage that makes a proper statement.


interior design trends 2020, large houseplant behind leather chair

interior design trends 2020, leather button upholstered chair with bold, botanical fabric seat

Minimalist Glamour

You may think that this is contradictory but minimalism does not have to be frugal or skimpy. Its origins may be in pared back Nordic design, and the principle of restraint is still the same. However, the clean lines and lack of fuss have been upgraded with fabulous finishes and opulent materials. Think of glamorous gold or burnished metallics, marble and smooth woods. It is the combination of exquisite materials, flawless finishes and a superb attention to detail that makes these pieces so undeniably striking in a minimalist setting.


interior design trends 2020, white marble side table nest

Interior design trends 2020, contemporary veneered console table

interior design trends 2020, modern vertical geometric chandelier

Masculine Style

According to GQ magazine, more men are getting involved in decisions about interior décor (we’ve always found that here at Juliettes anyway). Apparently, this is fuelling a distinct trend towards more masculine styling in many households. We don’t mean bachelor pad bling. This is something less flashy and much more refined. Yes, you’ll find black marble and metal light fixtures but these are softened with vintage-inspired luxury sofas, comfortable designer armchairs, warm and timeless colours and the natural textures of wood and leather.


interior design trends 2020, brown leather traditional armchair

interior design trends 2020, ebony veneer writing desk

interior design trends 2020, deep buttoned cream leather armchair

interior design trends 2020, brown leather round armchair


interior design trends 2020, marble and gold side tables


Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this dip into the interior design trends for 2020. Remember, unless you are going to re-design your home every 12 months, these trends are not something to be slavishly followed. You should consider carefully what you like, what would work best for your home and its occupants and, above all, what you can live with for a while to come. If you simply can’t decide – or are too busy to even think about it – our interior design team are only a quick call away. They would be delighted to help you, whether it’s advice on a single piece of luxury furniture, a room re-furb or the interior design for your entire home. Give us a call on +44 (0) 207 870 7415 and you could be the one setting the trends in your neighbourhood.


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