Interior Trends 2018 – Colours of the Year

Micaela Rossi, Design Director

With January storms blowing away the cobwebs of the old year, it’s time for all interior designers to look forward to the trends and styles that they think will be important in 2018. As Design Director at Juliettes Interiors, I am no different. I love to look around at everything that’s happening in the world of interior design to find new ideas and innovations that I think our customers will love. I spend my life watching and observing – you never know where your next flash of inspiration will come from.

There is so much going on in the world of interior design at the moment that I have decided to do this in two parts. Today we take a closer look at colour, how it makes us feel, how to use it, and what the experts say our walls and woodwork should be wearing this year. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at trends in design ideas; what’s in and what’s out, and how to dress your home in 2018. For a full picture, make sure you check out both posts.

A Colourful Comeback

Colour is set to make a comeback this year. Personally, I believe that neutrals will always have a place, forming a muted backdrop in any timeless, classical interior design but we are noticing that more avant garde clients are beginning to tire of what they see as over-used, unexciting shades. If you still prefer your palette to be more muted, we are noticing that neutrals are moving away from the cool greys to warmer shades. If you are ready to embrace colour in all its glory, now is the time to make the leap.




Colour is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to freshen up your décor. Changing the colour of paintwork and accessories can transform the feel of a room without having to replace any of the major items of furniture. Every year, several influential organisations reveal their own Colour of the Year in the hope that we will all change our colour scheme on an annual basis – and that we will go with their prediction, rather than that of their competitors. The four most recognised are probably Pantone, Dulux in the UK, Sherwin Williams in the US and, increasingly, Pinterest.


Pantone : Ultra Violet

Ultra violet, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018


Known as the global authority on colour, Pantone have chosen Ultra Violet as their colour of the year for 2018. Described as ‘a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple’, it is synonymous with music icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Prince and David Bowie, and comes after a year that saw unicorns and mermaids dominating the fashion world. It is often associated with mindfulness, suggesting a refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. It is certainly a vibrant colour that can take you in so many directions.


Eye-catching shades and swarovski crystal droplets make a stunning ultra violet centrepiece



Combine with classical, traditional design to create an elegant or even palatial feel. Dress an ultra-modern interior space in ultra violet for an unexpectedly bold example of self expression. Use it as a quirky highlight or style an entire room around it. Despite its vibrancy, this is a colour that harmonises beautifully with many other more subtle shades.


Combine ultra violet with this beautifully co-ordinating purple velvet sofa


My favourite of Pantone’s suggested palettes is Purple Haze with its mix of violets, warm pinks and quiet greens. If you love the colour but are unsure how it could work in your home, just give our interior design team a call. We offer a range of interior design services to all our customers so speak to us about your ideas and find where they could take you.







Dulux : Heart Wood



This beautiful, almost earthy warm pink is possibly easier for many of our clients to live with than ultra violet. Welcoming and warm with a hint of heather, this is a versatile, relaxing colour that can be teamed with various palettes to create a range of moods within your home.


Calming, refreshing, energising. How would you use Heart Wood in your home?


In the picture above, Dulux suggest combining Heart Wood with shades of cocoa and blush pink to cocoon yourself in a sanctuary of calm. Pair with cooler tones to add a touch of fresh air. Or team with zesty greens to bring out those hints of heather for a sophisticated burst of energy. If you are wary of colour but want to dip your toe into the world of creative shades, this could well be a good place to start. If you are feeling braver, Heart Wood will harmonise beautifully with ultra violet (it is actually very similar in tone to Pantone’s Deauville Mauve, shown above). It’s up to you – and if you need a bit of help or advice, we are always here in the showroom or at the end of a phone.



Team Heart Wood with any of these luxury Italian chairs for a fresh, invigorating feel


Speak to us about incorporating this restful colour in your next project


Sherwin Williams : Oceanside



In fact, Sherwin Williams feature a new colour each month, which I think may be a touch excessive. Trends are things that move gradually in and out of our consciousness. Anything that is here one minute, gone the next is merely a fad. Having said that, their January 2018 colour is Oceanside, a glorious, rich teal – a colour we have been seeing more of in recent months.


Add a jewel-toned accent with this statement chaise longue


A collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green, this is definitely not for the colour-phobes amongst you. Its marine-inspired hue is lively, interesting and guaranteed to catch the eye. Used as a cheeky highlight, it would add flair and a touch of opulence. Just take a look at the amazing padded, upholstered wall behind me in the picture above. Here we have exciting, jewel-toned teal accents set amid sumptuous, muted upholstery for a more subtle effect. Walls like this are definitely in for 2018 – make sure you read tomorrow’s post all about design trends to find out more. If you’re feeling braver, combine Oceanside with their suggested palette of vibrant pink, yellow, deepest navy and aqua, and you have a riot of colour and fun. This is a colour that needs thought and careful handling – and maybe the services of an interior designer to bring out its full potential.





Ask our design team about one-off items such as this eye-catching coffee table


Pinterest : Grey/Green Sage

Cool and calming and timeless. Sage green is Pinterest’s colour of 2018


This is not a specific colour but a range of similar shades that are definitely trending on Pinterest right now. These are not the predictions of so-called industry experts but the preferred colours of thousands of ordinary people sharing their ideas. You cannot argue with a choice that is so popular and widespread.


Gloriously comfortable and curvaceously on-trend. Imagine sinking into this fabulous sage green armchair


Soft, calm and natural, sage is a colour that is easy on the eye and easy to live with. Sofas, chairs, rugs, wallpapers and paints – all readily available in every shade of sage, from a deep, rich, nearly-teal with grey undertones, to an ethereal lightest grey with a hint of green. It is at home in every style of décor, from exuberant baroque, to classical regency, informal family rooms to the utmost uber-modern. Blending seamlessly with this season’s warm metallics as well as soft pinks, taupes and brighter, more vibrant greens, it has to be one of the most versatile and easy to work with colours. You really can’t go wrong with sage.


Millennial Pink

Some say it is being edged out by peach. Others say that millennial pink is still on top. It’s really a matter of personal taste. Whichever one you choose, be sure to refresh peach or pink from any pale, muted 2017 incarnation by teaming with deeper shades; plum and berries with millennial pink or earthy terracotta and cocoa with peach.


Millennial pink bar chairs and matching table


Classic black & white with geometric accents and hints of ultra violet


This is where expert opinions really diverge. Some say that black and white has had its day and it’s time for a resurgence of colour. Others say that the stark contrast of black and white, used in sophisticated, geometric designs, is trending this year. I say that monochrome never went away and will always have a place in modern interior design. I like to think that it can work beautifully with splashes of colour, rather than against it, although this needs careful planning and handling.


Black and White designer desk. Elegant, sophisticated and always on-trend


Another option is to soften the contrast by using deep blue and a warmer ivory (but I wouldn’t suggest going as far as cream – this is still a cool colourway after all). I certainly don’t think we should turn our backs on classic black and white. I just think we might need to re-think how we use it in fresh and inventive ways.


Black and white cocktail cabinet set against a sage grey/green wall. Elegance with a little twist


Live with What you Love

Remember, trends simply give us ideas of what other people say is up and coming. You should never feel pressured into following trends that don’t reflect your personality, style or taste. Choose pieces and styles you love and want to live with and ignore everything else. This is your home and you need to love everything that’s in it.

Interior Design

If you would like any advice on any aspect of your interior design – how to work with ultra violet; how to refresh your décor in one room; a complete re-design of your entire home – give us a call or pop into our Chelsea showroom. We are passionate about design, colour and beautiful furniture and would love to talk to you. We offer a range of interior design services to our customers, depending on how much input you need from us. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your next interior design project so we look forward to seeing you soon.


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