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Micaela Rossi, Design Director

With January storms blowing away the cobwebs of the old year, it’s time for all interior designers to look forward to the trends and styles that they think will be important in 2018. As Design Director at Juliettes Interiors, I am no different. I love to look around at everything that’s happening in the world of interior design to find new ideas and innovations that I think our customers will love. I spend my life watching and observing – you never know where your next flash of inspiration will come from.


I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post all about Colour trends in 2018. Today we are looking at trends in design ideas; what’s in and what’s out, and how to dress your home in 2018. Make sure you check out both posts to get the full picture.







Be Yourself

My first piece of advice to anyone considering any interior design project is to be yourself. Although I am writing here about trends, any such article exists only as an opportunity for clients to see what’s new in the world of interior design, and to explore expert opinions. You’ll find that even experts don’t agree so you should never feel pressured into slavishly following trends that aren’t really you. Our job as interior designers is always to know the trends – and the evergreen styles – to suit each customer. We understand that your home is your sanctuary. It is a place to feel comfortable and safe. So choose pieces and styles you love and want to live with; things that show your personality – and ditch the rest. They are just someone else’s choices after all.

2018 Trends

So what are the trends I think we’ll be seeing more of in 2018? This is my personal rundown of what I think we are most likely to see but I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to incorporate more than one or two of these trends into any one design. The result could end up being a disastrous cacophony of styles, colours and themes. Always ask for advice before you commit yourself. That is what the Juliettes design team are here for.


Bold geometric shapes, beautiful curves, herringbone floors. All on trend for 2018

Supersize it

This applies to almost all aspects of interior design this year. Whatever you choose to put in your home, it should be dramatic. We’re not talking anything stuffy or ostentatious as comfort really is key, but sofas, chairs, lighting and accessories are set to be huge, sculptural statements. Plump, overscale upholstery is gradually taking the place of pared back, mid-century modern. Lighting will be used not only as a mood enhancer but also as a focal point (more about this in a moment). Accessories such as sculptures and bowls, be they glass, metal, wood or ceramic, are set to be eye-catching, imposing and expansive.


Gloriously comfy, plump, oversized furniture. Our favourite trend of 2018


Supersize your lighting for a 2018 on-trend look


For years, our walls have taken a back seat when it comes to interior design. They have been simple, understated and a backdrop to offset beautiful designer furniture. Not any longer. Wallpapers and some really exciting, innovative wall coverings are possibly the biggest change we can look forward to this year. And we’re not talking a couple of strips of wallpaper on a feature wall. We are talking gorgeous designs to wrap your whole room, with oversized vintage blooms, fascinating zoological prints and beautiful botanicals.


Modern Designer Curved Velvet Dining Chair
Bold, botanical prints combine perfectly with an eye-catching statement floor


But it doesn’t end with just papers, no matter how outstanding. This year will see the rise of truly innovative materials and stunning fabrics. Think of sumptuous, strokable nubuck panels, luscious hand-made, crushed metallic fabrics and luxurious velvety finishes – and then take it up a notch with the addition of twinkling lights and Swarovski crystals. If you can’t even begin to imagine the difference these could make to your interior design, we have a selection of the most amazing wallcoverings on display in our Chelsea showroom. Take a look at the fabulous wallcovering behind me in the photograph above. This is a wonderfully tactile, padded, upholstered wall. These products do need to be seen to be fully appreciated so pop into the showroom for a better look if you can.


Exclusive Swarovski Crystal Feature Wallcovering
A stunning wall covering with twinkling lights and a scattering of Swarovski crystals


Another move away from cool, subdued interiors. Pattern is most definitely in for 2018. We have seen a move towards pattern and colour in the last couple of years but this is the year when they will truly come into their own. Chintz is throwing off its jaded image and we are seeing it used as a glorious highlight set against quieter colours and fabrics. This is not necessarily a return to the ditsy little florals of yesteryear. Again, we are supersizing, with high contrast blooms of hydrangea, hyacinths, tulips and vintage florals. Alongside these magnificent, oversized botanicals, we are also seeing an upscaling of hares, birds and zoological prints. Fabrics are the ideal way of introducing pattern into your home without committing yourself to a full floral onslaught. If they don’t feel quite right, it’s easy to experiment until you find the level and style of pattern that’s right for you. For a more permanent look, as well as fabrics, we are also seeing an increased use of pattern on floors and ceilings…


Fabrics are an ideal way to experiment with pattern


For a long time, our ceilings have been a bit of an afterthought. Not any more. They are about to become an integral part of our interiors. A ceiling is, in effect, a fifth wall and, as such, is receiving some much-needed attention right now. The picture below shows just one of the stunning frescoed ceilings and patterned marble floors inside the world’s most expensive home – owned by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Of course, this is probably a little over the top for the majority of homes (although, if it’s something you have set your heart on, give us a call and we can incorporate it into your finished interior design). The rest of us still have a wonderful choice of ways to achieve our statement ceiling. Again, we are back to pattern, with wallpapers proving incredibly popular, as long as you get a very skilled decorator to hang them. Wallpapers give you a tremendous range of colours, textures and patterns, whether you are looking for something sleek and geometric or a riot of colourful vegetation.


Statement ceilings and patterned floors in the world’s most expensive home


If you know someone with artistic talents, you could choose to have a truly individual, bespoke painted ceiling. The only limit would be your imagination and the skill of the artist. And don’t think that this trend stops there. We are also seeing fantastic use of textures on ceilings, be it wood, fabric or even high gloss lacquered panels. I would love to see some of our exquisite crystal-flecked wallpapers or upholstered panels used as part of a ceiling design, adding a touch of glamour to this much-neglected surface. Just imagine how it would look in your master suite.


Guess what I’m going to stay about statement floors? That’s right, pattern. We have already seen a surge in the use of beautiful, patterned floor tiles in recent years. This shows no sign of diminishing any time soon. Marble is another perennial, hard-wearing and versatile option, always a favourite in a luxury interior – even for Saudi princes. However, my favourite upcoming trend this year is a new look at wood. We have become so used to linear patterns and shades of grey. Now, we are looking at rich, dark woods in dramatic herringbone patterns – not the small, brick-sized panels your grandparents may have had in their hallway but big, bold and beautiful. Herringbone takes our love of wooden flooring and adds a subtle, vintage twist. Speak to our interior design team about your next statement floor.


The best-dressed floors are all wearing herringbone


Good lighting is the key to the success of any interior design. Of course, it illuminates everything else you have chosen as part of your design but, more than that, it is a design statement in its own right. This year, along with everything else, lighting is overstated. Dramatic, distinctive and drawing the eye, a single, supersized designer light can form the focal point of a whole room, accompanied by smaller but equally stunning side lighting. We do seem to be moving away, albeit slowly, from the chandelier as a way of suggesting opulence and drama. This will be the year when eye-catching, larger than life pendant lights start to take their place. Having said that, there is nothing that says glamour quite like a chandelier but you should make up your own mind. I’ve picked a few of my favourites here but we have so many more designer lighting ideas that these are just a brief snapshot.


Are striking pendant lights edging out chandeliers this year?


This crystal chandelier is the best of both worlds


Or choose a dramatic, contemporary chandelier as a stunning focal point


Everything I have spoken about so far seems to show a desire to move away from the sleek, clean lines everyone has been raving about for years. In times of great uncertainty, we feel the need for comfort, and our interior décor is an extension of that. Home is a place where we want to feel safe, warm and comfortable. In terms of our luxury furniture, this means softening the lines, rounding off the edges and creating beautiful, shapely pieces that appear warm and easy to live with. We are seeing this with the sofa and chaise longue, even dining tables, sideboards and media units. Modern luxury beds are being softened with curves, textures and warm fabrics. I do not believe this means an end to ultra modern straight lines. These will always be popular, and definitely the right choice for a sleek city apartment. I do think that more of us will be willing to experiment with shape as a way to freshen up our interiors.


Luxurious lacquered curves give a fabulous on-trend look to this beautiful chest of drawers


Dark, dramatic, sinuous curves make this sideboard an eye-catching feature

Curvaceous and comfortable. A twist on the traditional


I know, metallics are nothing new. But our reliance on copper as our go-to finish is changing rapidly. So, if copper is on its way out, what is on its way in? Gold, for sure, but that is just part of the story. We are also seeing a lot of interest in blackened and burnished finishes, polished nickel, silver and bronze. It really does seem that almost anything goes this year, which is a lot easier than trying to make everything else in your scheme fit around the ubiquitous copper. For many of our customers, this could be really liberating. Even though I don’t believe in following every trend, it will be refreshing to be shown a wider range of metals and finishes in magazines and at interior design events.


Aged pure platinum or gold – a move away from copper for 2018


Beautiful curves and a vintage silver finish. Perfect for 2018



Here again, pattern is important this year. And so is size. Everyone wants to bring a little of the outside in, maybe as a reminder of luxury resorts and holidays. What easier way to do this than with a few, strategically-placed plants? Large, patterned leaves are proving popular, with tall, imposing plants popping up in hallways, living rooms, bathrooms and studies.

As well as the aesthetics of including plants as part of your décor, many designers are also using plants as a way of making our living spaces healthier. The modern world is busy pumping out pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and benzene. Air conditioning and heating then dry out the air that we breathe indoors. Plants can dramatically improve air quality by removing pollutants and releasing moisture. Some of the best pollution-busting varieties include the bamboo palm, dwarf date palm, rubber plant and English ivy. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to embrace colour, gerbera and chrysanthemums are also excellent air scrubbers (that is a technical term – honestly). So, instead of visiting the DIY store this weekend, head off to your local garden centre for a breath of fresh air.


Plants make a striking feature – and clean the air at the same time


Oversized Art

Typography is out – too many clichéd quotes out there. Big, bold artwork is in. Feature walls themselves are now a thing of the past but impressive, statement pictures are taking their place. Magnificent, moody photography is also taking centre stage. This is where black and white still holds its own, no matter what you think of it as a design trend. Whatever you decide to put on your walls this year, remember bigger is better. Original artwork, quirky prints or moody, meaningful photographs, just supersize it.


No more feature walls. Draw the eye with supersized artwork instead



If there were an interior design Word of the Year, 2018’s would be Cocooning. I see this as a natural extension of Hygge. It’s all about uncomplicated cosiness. When the world outside is so unstable, your home becomes a sanctuary – somewhere to escape from the uncertainties of everyday life. We have always used colours, luxury furniture and beautiful accessories to create the right mood within our homes. This year, that mood is warm, soft and protective; your very own cocoon.


Cocoon yourself in a soft, sumptuous armchair this year


Interior Design

If you would like any advice on any aspect of your interior design – how to work with pattern; how to refresh your décor in one room; a complete re-design of your entire home – give us a call or pop into our Chelsea showroom. We are passionate about design, colour and beautiful furniture and would love to talk to you. We also offer a range of award-winning interior design services to our customers, from a single room to an entire property. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your next interior design project so we look forward to seeing you soon.


One Last Word…

Sorry but the flamingos have to go.


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