It’s All In The Detail

It's all in the detail

It’s All In The Detail

Imagine being able to apply your own character and personality to your furniture. Interior designers aren’t far removed from psychologists. A large part of their skill set is analysing their clients’ needs from many different perspectives, with the end result of offering tailor-made furniture with the ultimate in attention to detail.

Learning each individual customer’s tastes and desires is a talent. Everyone is different; no two customers are the same. The lifestyle, location and nationality of our clients partially determine their choices, which help our interior designers enormously with initial concepts. Even so, their choices and styles are unique – rather like a fingerprint.

You can’t personalise your furniture with ‘off the shelf’ designs. The choice of options are simply not available. Individual bespoke designs offer a unique opportunity to realise your dream interior.

Drawers and Handles

It’s the little details that make all the difference, turning a fine piece of furniture into something supremely desirable and exclusive. For example adding luxurious leather pull-handles made from premium Italian leather with precision stitching made to last will get your furniture noticed. That’s what we crave – people naturally want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed for their own style and taste. That’s where our designers come in.

Consider 24-carat gold handles, Murano glass knobs, crystal elements or rhinestones, and fully lined and lacquered drawers that glide effortlessly to give that ultimate touch of luxury.

Gold Sideboard

Design of elements like handles and drawers say a great deal about one’s personality and character. These small changes are essentially what makes the furniture exclusive – a unique way to express your own individuality.

And all this, as expected, is only available for those who wish to have the best without compromise.

Colours and Textures

Choosing a unique colour or combination of colours really puts character and personality into your furniture. Placing a flash of colour as a accent, or a hint of metal to add an attention-grabbing glint of light may seem small elements but these details are vital.

This also gives the designer a palette to work with and offers the wall, floor and window treatments the opportunity to then effortlessly but cleverly blend together.

Red Stool

Rich fabrics and polished feet, cupped in a high-gloss veneered leg, add statements about their owners. Zipped-back detailing to bar stools to get noticed from behind rather than in front – with the zip colours offered in contrasting colours to the fabrics – creates a dramatic effect.

Fabric Detail

Let the fabric say it all; what we are about and how we like to be perceived. So much can be revealed about us from the fabric choices we make – from the quality and colours, to the textures and feel. And changing details on the fabric, such as using chrome studs instead of piping or skirts, can create a whole different statement.

Fabric Covered Chest of Drawers


The simplicity of adding LEDs inside or underneath furniture adds a sense of fantasy, offering subtle ambient light and atmosphere to a room, giving the furniture a second function.

Sensational chandeliers acting as centre stage to give the wow factor on entry to a property really make a first impression statement. Combining crystals and frame colours to co-ordinate with other items in the room offer that attention to detail, which is key to creating any successful interior.

Chain Light

With all these options available in every single element of design, it’s no wonder we can reveal and express so much of our personalities in our choice of detail.

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