Luxury Interior Design

There is a significant difference between interior design and luxury interior design. For instance, Luxury interior design focuses on the client’s preferences, offering a unique and bespoke consultation rather than a standardised service or general advice.  

The whole process is centred on our client’s vision of their home. Working with an interior designer is an immersive, collaborative experience.

At Juliettes Interiors we aim to successfully create and cultivate a strong bond with our clients and we are extremely proud of this.

The attention to detail becomes far more acute and the work required to execute the project is extensive to ensure the client’s requirements are fully interpreted and understood from all angles. Luxury interior design aims to create an interior that is reflective of the client’s taste and personality.

This is where our experienced designers really shine; their ability to skillfully combine their expertise with the clients’ vision, results in unique and exclusive finished looks. 

Our Interior Design Process

Stage 1: Inspiration & Concept

Initially, we work with our clients to understand their preferences, personal style, inspiration and concepts.

Listening is vital, as we ensure our client’s aspirations are met in the design process. Once we have a clear understanding of the clients’ brief and budget we will present our design proposal for consideration.

Stage 2: Planning & Approval

Here we produce the spacial planning and gain approval.  Once approved we can visualise the designs into reality. At this stage, we also look at colour palettes, preferred colour schemes together with finishes, fabrics and materials.

Stage 3: Budget & Timescale

Defining the budget is a vital part of our work and allows us to identify and offer suitable solutions.

The timescale is unique to each project and is re-adjusted throughout the process when necessary, depending on the progress of each step.

Giving your designer plenty of time to think through the details, achieves the best results.

Stage 4: Visuals

Initially, we will work with 2D floor plans and elevations to demonstrate our designs enabling our customers to fully appreciate we have understood and interpreted their vision before committing to the final approval. Once we are all on the same page and approval is given on the initial concepts and designs we prefer to produce high quality 3D full visual presentations. Please note not all our customers require this extra level of presentation.

Stage 5: Adjustments

Adjustments are necessary for an excellent result and forms part of the process. What might look like a small amendment can change the overall design partially or in full.

Stage 6: Procurement

This is one of the most important stages as everything is ordered. As procurement specialists we thoroughly double check again whilst ordering each element with our manufacturers that the furniture, finishes, fabric details, sizes, technical and colour specification etc is analysed, scheduled and correctly purchased as per the approved design.

Stage 7: Project Management

This is the management of the various contractors and installation teams. The teams are synchronised and managed to ensure the work is carried out to the correct standard and specifications we require. This process starts within the procurement stage to the final installation of the finished project and finally with the handover to the client.

Stage 8: Installation

Our installation team will carry out the installation like an orchestra. During the installation process, we have another chance to check all is as it should be. A well planned out itinerary of what goes where in what order is our bible and blueprint, regardless of where in the world the project is based.

Stage 9:  Snagging

Whilst we are extremely keen on ensuring quality control consistently along the supply chain, we are aware of possible complications that need to be resolved before the practical completion of the project. We closely monitor the installation process for any issues that may have occurred during transit or installation. In the unlikely event of an issue at this stage, we identify and rectify mostly before our customer is even aware that any such issue exists.

Windsor Town House Interior Design Project

For this traditional property in the royal town of Windsor, the client wanted to combine a classic look with a contemporary feel for a young professional couple. They felt that the house was too dark, overpowering and old fashioned. Our brief was to retain its traditional elegance but make it lighter, brighter and better suited to a young couple.

We spent time getting to know the clients, their tastes, and their vision. We came back to them with visuals that hit the spot on the first attempt, translating their ideas into reality. They wanted a modern, airy feel so we went with a warm neutral scheme in both the living room and bedroom. Accents of colour and bold pattern were used to lift the design, along with beautiful finishes and superb textures. The pieces we have chosen, add a touch of understated glamour, with subtle metallics and rich marble, statement fabrics and outstanding lighting.

Once visuals, layouts, lighting and furniture were agreed upon, it was time to take things back to the bare bones and create their perfect home from scratch. 

The result is a fresh, warm and welcoming home, in keeping with the age and personality of its owners. They have selected some absolutely stunning pieces of luxury furniture. The living room is opulent without being ostentatious, whilst also being light, airy and fun. The master bedroom is calm and restful, with concentrated, small splashes of colour. Bold accessories were specified to create a luxurious and elegant feel throughout the property. We have made the most of every bit of space without compromising on style and clients were so thrilled with the outcome that have re-designed two more rooms with us.

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Our Interior Designers

The interior designers employed by Juliettes Interiors are hand picked by Juliette personally.  We only employ mature designers who have a design masters degree with several years experience with HNW high end projects. 

We prefer to reflect our customers individual personalities and requirements rather than offer a standard style.  No project is ever the same as another.  Exclusivity for us is key.

Why Choose Juliettes Interiors for Interior Design Services?

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service. From the first phone call, email or face-to-face meeting through to product delivery, interior design and installation, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Award-Winning Interior Design

We also work alongside property developers who wish to furnish properties in preparation for sale. We specialise in luxury high ­end residential and commercial designs for both domestic and international clients.

World Class Clients

Juliettes Interiors’ clients stretch across the globe. Our clients include royalty, domestic, commercial, interior designers, architects, property developers & celebrities. We offer exclusivity and discretion, regardless of who you are.

Interior Design, London UK

Should you wish to find out more about our luxury interior design services, book an appointment at our Chelsea Showroom or discuss your project with one of our designers please give us a call on +44 (0) 203 131 4515  or contact us here.