Man Cave Ideas (or Create a Gentleman’s Retreat)

This is not just any man cave. This is a Juliettes Interiors man cave – or as we prefer to call it, a Luxury Gentleman’s Retreat. Your first step in creating your man cave is to decide what its main function will be, or whether it is to be a multi-functional space. Home office, TV or gaming room, bar, entertaining space, relaxation zone, reading room, library or study. It is your personal space so only you can decide. Is it a beautifully compact man cave where you go to escape? Or is it a grand room in the style of a traditional gentlemen’s club (where you still go to escape)? Is it a man cave just for you or will you be inviting other gentlemen to join your retreat?

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Man Cave Essentials

Traditional or contemporary, there are certain things a modern man cave or classic gentleman’s retreat simply must have. In terms of décor, the style will be dictated by your own tastes. A traditional gentleman’s study will often have dark, panelled walls, rich reds, burgundies, dark blues and greens. A contemporary man cave may be sleek, understated and monochromatic. Many include splashes of colour, although they still tend to be the reds, blues and greens you would expect. When it comes to luxury furniture, there are pieces that are non-negotiable – seating, desk, table, bookshelf. Below, we go through our list of gentleman’s retreat essentials, in order of importance, with galleries full of ideas.

Comfortable Luxury Armchairs

The number of chairs you choose will depend on the space you have and how many people you are likely to entertain. However, even if you have almost nothing else, you absolutely must have one gloriously comfortable, masculine armchair. Not negotiable under any circumstances. It is not a cave or a retreat without one.

A Luxury Sofa

Although we have been calling this a man cave, we are definitely talking about the very top end of man caves. A refined and comfortable personal space. If you have room for a lovely plump sofa, you should definitely include one. It ups the relaxation factor, and you can choose something that you love without having to factor in a partner, children, pets or cushions.

An Elegant Desk

Desks come in all shapes and sizes and no gentleman’s study would be complete without one. It doesn’t have to dominate the room. It can be imposing, traditional and in the centre of the room but it could just as well be exquisite, contemporary and tucked into its own corner.

The Right Lighting

To be honest, we weren’t sure where in the list to put this. Arguably, it should be right at the top because, without the right lighting, your new room will not look or feel right. Not enough light and it will be gloomy and unwelcoming, while harsh lighting will make it look like a doctor’s waiting room. Do not rely on a single ceiling light. You need layers of light to create a different atmosphere at various times of day. Your desk should have its own dedicated task light. Then use floor and table lamps around the room to give pools of warm light when and where needed.

Occasional Tables

You may think of side tables as a bit of frippery but side and/or coffee tables are endlessly useful. We recommend that you always have at least one alongside your comfy chair to put phone, glasses, coffee, books, G&T. You get the picture.


It doesn’t have to be a study to need bookshelves. Just like a coffee table, a single bookcase or a wall full of shelves is very much a part of the gentleman’s man cave persona. Of course, you can use them for books but if a whole wall of books is not for you, why not style them up a little with photographs, golf trophies, objets d’art or vintage finds. Display certificates or memories of achievements, events or favourite holidays. We have just come across a very elegant range of gentlemen’s grooming products at Mr Masey’s Emporium. A hand-turned razor is possibly not something you would display here but their award-winning range of gentlemen’s colognes are beautifully presented and a perfect accessory. Don’t just keep them for the bathroom or dressing room.

TV Unit

We are moving away from the study now and more towards a relaxing, me-time man cave. You have your comfortable armchair, your G&T so now it’s time to sit back with your feet up to catch up on the latest news, do a spot of binge watching or lose yourself in Call of Duty. In which case, a dedicated TV media unit is a must. You’ll see that we have included a fabulous mirrored TV in our gallery, without any sort of unit. It hangs on the wall looking just like a mirror, until you want to watch it.

A Sideboard or Buffet

You might expect to see a luxury sideboard in a dining room but trust us, it is equally at home in a gentleman’s retreat. If this is a multi-function space, it is the perfect storage solution. Use it to keep files, boxes, your gaming collection. Even a man cave should always be calm, clear and clutter-free.

Luxury Barware

Of course, we are getting to the less essential end now but we think a man cave, gentleman’s study or calm retreat should always have some form of bar. It could be as simple as your favourite coffee machine on the sideboard or a tray with decanters and glasses. If this is more of an entertaining space, you could opt for a magnificent gin trolley with its own fridge, a retro drinks trolley, a cocktail cabinet or a fully stocked bar with a set of stools for your guests.

Eye-Catching Accessories

Many of the men we know glaze over at the mention of accessories but it’s not a dirty word. We’re not talking about frilly cushions or scented candles. Accessories are the things that add an extra layer of personality to your retreat. Your personality. We do think rugs have an important role. They add warmth, colour, and can help to define the different zones in your space. Use objects such as a globe or armillary, clocks, a bust of someone who means something to you. Artwork is another very personal thing. Again, you don’t have to please anyone else so just please yourself.

Looking for More Inspiration?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our stroll through the essentials of a man cave. We really hope it has inspired you to create your own. Our galleries show only a fraction of the fabulous luxury furniture available so make sure you check out all the categories to find the things that are just right for you. If you need any advice on luxury furniture or interior design, please just get in touch. Our talented interior design team are only a phone call away.

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