Office Daybed Combo

Why would you need an office daybed combo? Firstly, because even when you are working from home, you still need regular breaks away from your desk and screen. Wouldn’t it be great if you had somewhere stylish and comfortable to have a quick coffee or 10 minutes’ meditation? Secondly, there are always distractions when you work from home. It is far better to have a home office/daybed combo so that you are not tempted to wander off and sit in the living room or the kitchen. Chances are you’ll find something else to do while you’re there. Early on in lockdown we wrote a post on Home Office Hints & Tips, which turned out to be far more useful than we ever imagined. If you have a spare 5 minutes, do take a look. It’s full of ways to make the most of a home office.

How To Put Together An Office Daybed Combo

So just what is an office daybed combo? To be honest, it can be whatever combination of home office furniture and seating arrangement you like. We’ve chosen to focus on some of our favourite home office desks, matched up with luxury benches, daybeds or chaises longues, and formal-style sofas. Arranged with a coffee table and chairs, these can form a break-out zone, somewhere to think, sketch or make notes, or a relaxed space for meetings. It could be somewhere for you to escape to even when you’re not working. So think about the space you have and how you need it to work. Do you need a meeting area or is the daybed simply somewhere for you to take a break? Would you like it to be formal or relaxed? Think about colour and remember that, with the exception of our Showhome range, all our luxury furniture can be customised.

Create your own Office Daybed Combo

We have included our top 10 favourite office daybed combos here. If you would rather put together your own desk and daybed combo, set aside a bit of time and start browsing. Remember, don’t just search for desks or daybeds. Look at chaises longues, luxury sofas and benches. Check out console tables and even dressing tables. Many of them make fabulous desks, especially if your home office daybed combo is in a shared space. Need more inspiration or a bit of advice? Give our interior design team a call. They can help you with anything from a single luxury chaise longue to a complete home office suite. They can design and install your new home office or incorporate it into an existing space. Most of all, they can give friendly, helpful advice on how to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

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