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Reproduction Italian Dressing Table

Reproduction Italian Dressing Table

High End Designer Italian Desk

High End Designer Italian Desk


Luxury Desks — a Magnificent Example of Innovation and Design

The earliest desks were far from luxurious. A desk was nothing more than a sloping table, used by scribes in a monastery. With the advent of printing, books were no longer transcribed by hand and the desk became a simple, portable sloping box, in which a scribe could keep inks and writing tools. This box inevitably evolved to include its own stand, gradually incorporating drawers, shelves and a knee hole, eventually losing the slope to become the flat desk we recognise today.

British desks were originally made of oak but today’s designers have access to a whole world of beautiful woods with sensuous textures and grains, a well as metals, lacquers, and spectacular engineered materials, giving so many more options for the modern luxury desk. Think of ebony, walnut, sycamore and beech, piano black lacquer, gold leaf, stainless steel and brushed bronze.

At Juliettes Interiors, our range of luxury desks encompasses anything from a simple writing desk to imposing, statement pieces. As well as conventional desks, you will find classic dressing tables, contemporary computer desks and striking dining tables, many available with matching chairs. Depending on your space and style, any of these could be the perfect solution for your interior.

A dramatic, expansive dining table takes on a double life as a computer desk in a modern family kitchen or studio. A delicate dressing table can make an ideal luxury desk in a bedroom or guest room. A traditional, practical desk may be your first choice for a study, but never overlook all the other stunning choices available to you.

We have an exclusive choice of Italian designer desks, as well as some more unusual British pieces. Following in the footsteps of Chesterfield and Adams, these are a magnificent example of British innovation and design. Every luxury desk is an outstanding example of modern craftsmanship, created with meticulous attention to detail by manufacturers who understand design and take a real pride in their work.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated desk or something more multi-functional, take some time to fully explore our entire selection of luxury, designer desks to find exactly the right pieces for your home.