Super Yacht Toys

What makes a super yacht so super? Well, a great many things, one of which is the amount of space to store a whole array of fantastic yacht toys on board. As if cruising around some of the world’s most amazing destinations isn’t enough, the sea itself is now one giant playground for the super yacht set. For anyone without a yacht, the St Regis Maldives Hotel is offering a taste of the luxury yacht lifestyle to its residents, with a superb 20m yacht with crew and butler service. It accommodates 6 overnight guests or 8 day guests, and is available to charter at a cost of $25,000 per day. Not to be outdone, the Four Seasons Maldives hotel is offering a unique, underwater adventure in a state-of-the-art submersible, allowing two people to explore the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Baa Atoll.


yacht, Norma, 20m yacht at Saint Regis Maldives hotel, yacht toys
Norma, available to charter at St Regis Maldives. Photo courtesy of St Regis


We digress. The world of luxury furniture goes a little quiet in August as the whole of Italy goes on holiday. So, as some of us are still at our desks, we thought we would find out what the well-heeled do when they are on holiday – and it turns out that they are having a whale of a time in the water. We have also had a great time just looking at some of the yacht toys out there, and we have chosen just a few of our favourites. These are the ones we would have on our superyacht. If you think we may have forgotten anything, do let us know.


Amarula Yacht on turquoise sea, with inflatable slide and 2 seadoos
The Amarula with toys. Photo courtesy of Merle Wood Associates


Powered Yacht Toys

When you mention powered yacht toys, we all think of jetskis and motorboats – and no self-respecting superyacht would be without them – but there is a new generation of supertoys to be explored. We would give every single one of these a go.


Person diving under water with a yellow Seabob, yacht toys
Dive effortlessly with a Seabob. Photo © Seabob



Now everyone can fly! This looks like so much fun, like something out of a James Bond movie. Strap the water-powered jet pack onto your back, find your balance and you too can learn to fly. Newer versions include the option of seated models, making it easier to balance. Where do we sign up?


Man with Jetpack, flying above the sea, motorboat in background, yacht toys
The Jetlev Flyer. Photo © Jetlev-Flyer UK


Powered Surfboard

Even when the water is as flat as the proverbial pancake, the addition of an engine powers your board through the water at speeds in excess of 30 mph. No more waiting for the perfect wave – and you can surf no matter where you are, even out on the ocean should the mood take you.


Yacht toys, person on a motorised surf board, small waves
The Mako Slingshot Board. Photo © Mako



Imagine yourself zipping across the waves on one of these, then stopping for a spot of swimming, lounging or even a picnic on board. The Sea-doo GTX300 shown here has the largest swim platform in the industry, as well as a removable seat, Bluetooth audio system and space for extra cargo (picnic, champagne…). Create your own private island wherever you are.


Yacht toys, 2 people having a picnic on the back of a Sea-doo
The Sea-doo GTX300. Photo © Sea-doo


Self-Powered Bike

These bikes are lightweight, compact and easy to stow. The combination of bicycle and portable catamaran gives an exhilarating bike ride out on the open sea as it glides across the water. It gives you a great workout too.


Yacht toys, woman in foreground on a Schiller sea bike, man and city skyline in background
Give yourself a great workout with a sea bike. Photo © Schiller


Manta5 Hydrofoiler

About to  be launched onto the world stage, the Manta5 Hydrofoiler pairs hydrofoil and electric bike technologies for a totally new experience. With pedals and an electric motor, it makes cycling on the water a breeze. Pre-registration is open or, if you can’t wait until the international launch in November 2018, you can pick one up in person from head office in Waikato, New Zealand.


Yacht toys, Person at sea on a Manta 5 Hydrofoiler sea bike
The Manta5 Hydrofoiler, available later this year. Photo © Manta5



Hold on tight and off you go. These aren’t necessarily new but, as they are so compact and lightweight, who wouldn’t have a few on their yacht? Supremely agile with great propulsion, you can glide effortlessly along on top of the water or up the power for an exhilarating ride. They are also safe at depth so why not dive down and explore the local wildlife. Add a camera to the spec and you’ll be able to keep those memories forever.


Yacht toys, two people underwater with red and yellow seabob, coral reef underneath
Over or underwater, a Seabob is the perfect way to explore. Photo © Seabob



Jump, dive, twist and roll. This is possibly our ultimate favourite – but it does take up more space on board than most of the others. Each Seabreacher is designed to a customer’s exact specification so no two are the same. It allows you to jump over, diver under and cut through the waves like a dolphin but all from the comfort of a sealed, dry cockpit. Many owners have really gone to town with custom paint schemes. We have seen sharks, dolphins, a sailfish, a Spitfire, an eagle and a hot rod. What would yours be?


Yacht toys, a seabreacher jumping out of the water
The Seabreacher. Fun over, under and on the water. Photo © Seabreacher


Inflatable Yacht Toys

When you’ve had enough motorised excitement but aren’t ready to settle down on the deck, there are so many inflatable yacht toys that we didn’t even know where to start. What to choose would depend very much on the size of the yacht and the number and ages of those on board. Many inflatables can be connected, allowing you to start off small and add modules until you have your own private beach club. Which of these would you choose?


Yacht toys, super yacht with inflatable twisting slide and climbing wall
Slide and Climbing Wall. Photo © FunAir


Yacht toys, inflatable sea pool, 2 people in the water, 1 person walking around the edge
Sea Pool. Photo © Aquaglide


Yacht toys, inflatable air cushion at sea, person jumping onto cushion, catapulting friends into the air
Send your friends flying with a Big Air cushion – otherwise known as a Blob. Photo © FunAir


Yacht toys, connected trampoline with slide and air cushion, people bouncing and sliding into the sea
Trampoline, slide and blob. Photo © Aquaglide


Yacht toys, back of Titania super yacht showing sea pool, zorb, slide, trampoline and obstacle
Superyacht Titania with added zorb and obstacles. Photo courtesy of Titania


Yacht toys, aquapark including slide, obstacles and volleyball
A complete Aquapark for those who still have the energy. Photo © Aquaglide


Yacht toys, inflatable cushion being towed behind a speedboat, two people hanging on
No yacht would be complete without a selection of towables. Photo © Aquaglide


Well, we are exhausted by all that sliding, jumping, climbing and zorbing. We’re off for a lie down on the deck with a quick G&T, watching the sun dip slowly into the sea.

If you are wondering what’s happening in the world of luxury furniture and designer home accessories, do not worry. After their short summer break, they will be back in September and we have some fabulous furniture and new arrivals lined up for you. This is just the lull before the storm, as we start gearing up for a busy Christmas season. Are we allowed to mention Christmas in August? Just remember that luxury furniture of this quality is hand-made to order and perfection takes time.

Happy Holidays!

See you in September; relaxed, refreshed and ready to go.


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