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Luxury Defined is an exclusive luxury lifestyle and property magazine published by Christie’s International Real Estate. Supported by the esteemed art auction house, Christie’s International Real Estate is a global network offering exclusive home and luxury real estate services to buyers and sellers worldwide. Their printed and online magazines run regular features on architecture, interior design, travel and trends, alongside property galleries, destination guides, and spotlights on locations, properties and market trends.


As Seen In Christies Real Estate Magazine
As seen on the world’s most luxurious coffee tables


Juliettes Interiors Feature

I was thrilled when they approached me and asked if they could write a feature on Juliettes Interiors, how it all got started and what inspires me. That was a thought process that took all of a few seconds. Well, you wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be seen in the world’s most exclusive homes, would you? This is a magazine that not only pops into the inboxes of some of the world’s most influential property buyers, it also graces their luxury coffee tables and their executive offices. If you haven’t seen it yet, now would be a great time to check it out (and not only because I’m in the new June issue).


Online and in print, what inspires Juliette?


Opulent Luxury Furniture

Having told them that I have always been drawn to a very luxurious and glamorous style, the Christie’s team have featured some of the most opulent luxury furniture from our Mayfair and Italian Collections, as well as a couple of their own favourite statement pieces. As you know, I am a great believer in starting with a focal point – a real head-turner that will inspire the rest of the room. Scroll down to see a wider selection of pieces from the Italian and Mayfair Collections, plus a few of my own favourite statement items. I think the pictures really speak for themselves.


Italian Collection


Mayfair Collection


A Few of My Favourites


Mayfair and Italian are just two of our exclusive furniture collections. Check out our other luxury furniture collections to find your own style. You’ll find everything from exquisite and classical to sleek and uber-contemporary. Which style are you?


Diva Collection ® Modern designer living with more than a hint of glamour

Florence Collection Elegant, flamboyant and hopelessly romantic

Mayfair Collection Art Deco meets timeless glamour

Belgravia Collection Contemporary comfort and quirky contrasts

Chic Collection Renaissance style with a modern twist

Italian Collection Baroque styling with a touch of drama

London Collection Contemporary city living


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