Luxury Outdoor Dining Chairs

Enjoy Alfresco Dining With Our Outdoor Dining Chairs
Dine in the open air with our beautiful collection of luxury outdoor dining chairs. Browse from a range of styles spanning from modern chairs to contemporary chairs, and everything in-between. Why not also have a look at the entirety of our luxury outdoor furniture collection? Pair your outdoor dining chairs with one of our designer outdoor tables, or perhaps add a lounge area to your outdoor space with our outdoor sofas and lounge chairs. We have plenty of choices available to help you create your perfect luxury outdoor space.

All items can be produced in any colour, finish, size or fabric




Contemporary Outdoor Woven Dining Chair

Contemporary Outdoor Woven Dining Chair

Contemporary Outdoor Garden Dining Chair

Contemporary Outdoor Garden Dining Chair

Luxury Wicker Style Outdoor Dining Chair

Luxury Wicker Style Outdoor Dining Chair

Designer Wicker Contemporary Outdoor Garden Dining Chair

Designer Wicker Contemporary Outdoor Garden Dining Chair


Bespoke and High End Outdoor Dining Chairs

If you are looking for something specific that we don’t have, we do offer bespoke furniture options alongside our interior design services too. Made to order just for you, our bespoke services allow you to create something special to suit your space. Our friendly, expert team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. We are also happy to offer worldwide shipping to our overseas clients.

See Our Designer Outdoor Dining Chairs In Person

If you’re based near London, you can always arrange an appointment at our showroom if you’d like to pop in for a chat and view some of our pieces in person. Here you can see some of our designer furniture within a lifestyle setting. Our gorgeous showroom will inspire you and help you envisage what your finished project may look like.


How do you store luxury outdoor dining chairs?

If you aren’t planning on using your furniture for a while, storing it indoors is the best way to preserve it long term. Ideally indoors in a dry place away from the weather, such as in your house, or in a garage or shed.

If you aren’t able to store your outdoor furniture inside, then the next best option is to store it under a weather resistant cover such as tarpaulin. If storing your furniture outside under a cover, remember to tie it up but leave a gap for airflow circulation.

How high should a luxury garden dining chair be?

The typical seat height for a dining chair would be in between 45cm to 52cm (or around 18 to 20 inches). This generally can fluctuate a few centimetres aside of this depending on the style of chair.

This should allow plenty of room to fit under most normal size dining tables with plenty of legroom. Regardless, it is always worth double-checking the measurements before buying to make sure.

Why are luxury outdoor dining chairs expensive?

Luxury outdoor dining chairs are expensive due to being made with high quality materials and usually have intricate manufacturing processes. Depending on the product, they are often hand made or consist of hand made parts.

Due to the nature of outdoor pieces, they often require weather resistant materials, or have additional steps in the production process to make the materials weather resistant.

Can you leave luxury outdoor dining chairs outside in winter?

It is not recommended to leave your luxury outdoor dining chairs outside during winter. Outdoor furniture is built to be weather resistant, but this does not make it completely immune to the weather.

Storing your furniture in a dry place or covering it up can help preserve the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. It is best kept away from dust and water. If you have wooden pieces and leave them outside, the wood can also patinate in the sun and change to a silver colour, although some people quite like this effect.