Luxury Outdoor Sofa Sets

Bring the relaxing living room experience to your garden, with the impressive range of luxury outdoor sofa sets from Juliettes Interiors. A sofa set can make hosting family gatherings or parties with friends much easier during the summer months.
A Place to Sit in the Sun
Sofa sets shouldn’t just be for the living room, as the demand for outdoor sofa sets has continued to rise. Make your exterior space a comfortable place to host guests, with each sofa set offering several places for people to sit.

We’re also able to tailor our pieces to various types of styles. If you like one of our sofa sets but would like it tweaking to truly match your exterior, we’re able to do this through master hand craftsmanship.

All items can be produced in any colour, finish, size or fabric




Contemporary Outdoor Teak Garden Set

Contemporary Outdoor Teak Garden Set


See Our Sofa Sets in Person

All of our luxury outdoor sofa sets can be fully customised, allowing you to create beautiful, bespoke pieces to fit your garden perfectly.

Visit Juliettes Interiors London showroom to fully appreciate each piece in person. Discover how we can transform your garden, or advise on items to complement your existing pieces.

We offer a range of luxury interior design services to suit the varying needs of all our customers.

Please contact Juliettes Interiors if you have any questions about our garden furniture, or to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified interior designers.


Can You Put a Regular Sofa Set Outside?

We don’t recommend putting an indoor sofa set outside, because they’re not suitably treated for the elements including heat, rain, wind and snow. This means that your sofa set is in danger of being damaged. Instead, it’s wise to have a designated outdoor sofa set in your garden.

What Can I Do With My Outdoor Sofa Set in the Winter?

There are a number of recommended actions you can take with your outdoor sofa set in the winter, including:

  • Storing it in a garage or designated storage unit, e.g. a shed.
  • Use protective covers, particularly for rattan furniture.
  • Simply move your sofa set to a sheltered area.