Luxury Interior Design

Juliettes Interiors is a high-end design studio delivering turnkey luxury residential interiors with a 5 star service. We remove the stress and headaches around interior renovation and translating your ideas in to reality. Our designs vary from opulent to the minimalistic. We do not have a “set look”. Our passion is interpreting our client’s unique inspirations into reality.

As a finalist Designer of the Year 2022 with design et al we are justifiably proud of our work – some of which is publicly available to view here.

We achieve award-winning impressive results within your timescale and budget, working collaboratively with you at each stage of the design process. As well as this, we provide recommendations on luxury pieces to include in your design, and we often produce unique pieces not seen elsewhere.

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Interior Design Services

Our Interior Design service can start from a single room to an entire property and can include:

Expert Room Interior Design

Working with us on an interior design project can start with just a single room or an entire property. Whether you’re looking for expert advice on creating a new layout, kitchen or bathroom/wet room, we’re well-versed to assist you.

Furthermore, our bedroom interior design and living room interior design are core to our offering. We appreciate the role that each room plays in a home, and we match our luxury interior designs to each room accordingly.

Furniture Design

One of our popular services is our specialist furniture re-creation service whereby we’re able to create new unique designs, and replace damaged pieces or produce pieces that are not available at the size and/or specification you need. Send us your drawings, photos or ideas and we will turn them into reality.

We know how important it is to have the right furniture pieces in your home. We want you to avoid the disappointment of not being able to have the perfect piece of furniture through our re-creation service. Through master hand craftsmanship, we’re able to provide you with those lost and broken pieces, so you don’t have to worry.

Home Accessories

When you work with Juliettes Interiors on a luxury interior design project, we like to discuss home accessories with you. Accessories come in all shapes and sizes including rugs, mirrors, wall panels and more.

We have the experts to help direct you on the use of home accessories within your luxury space, helping you create a designer, unique look across your rooms for you and your guests to enjoy.

Lighting Design 

When we work together on interior design projects, we’ll also take on the lighting design for your new interior spaces. We stock and source a range of Luxury Lighting that we’re able to match to various luxury interior pieces.

Whether it’s loose or fixed lighting, we work together with our clients to create the perfect ambiance throughout your home. Hanging lights such as ceiling lights, chandeliers or pendant lights can be fixed to your ceilings, providing elegance and style.

We’ll also make the most of loose lighting fixtures, including floor lamps and table lamps, to add further layers of lighting to give your spaces depth.

Bespoke Joinery and Interior Architecture

Juliettes Interiors also offer bespoke joinery and interior architecture as part of our interior design offering. This service is always customised, with attention to detail at the forefront of our minds throughout.

We produce detailed drawings of our plans in 2D followed by 3D to demonstrate each of the finished products and plans. When crafting each interior design plan, we coordinate with the design scheme that’s been agreed upon between us and our clients.


Procurement is another key area of Juliettes Interiors interior design service. We apply acute attention to detail during this stage. It’s also a process that is highly time-consuming and also not that well known to our clients.

When carried out successfully, procurement can help us iron out any potential design errors, ensuring a smooth flow throughout our interior design journey together.

AV & Home Automation

These days, many of our clients like the idea of installing a central control system to remotely control their homes. Gone are the days of closing the curtains, and putting the lights, heating and TV on. With an AV, it can all be done from a phone or a smart panel in each room and anywhere in the world via the internet.

Anything from Echo & Alexa Devices, Google Home, Insteon Hub Pro, Samsung SmartThings and Wink Hub. Lighting control, HVAC, outdoor lawn irrigation, kitchen appliances, and security systems. The list is endless and this is something that Juliettes Interiors can help you set up.

Get in Touch for Your Next Luxury Interior Design Project

If you’re about to embark on a new luxury interior project, Juliettes Interiors are ready to work with you. Our clients range far and wide, having worked with royalty and celebrities while offering the utmost discretion throughout.

If you’re based close to the English capital, explore our London and Surrey interior design services. We also offer our services all over the world, so don’t hesitate to contact Juliettes Interiors to speak to us about your project or visit our London showroom.

Why Choose Juliettes Interiors for Interior Design Services?

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service. From the first phone call, email or face-to-face meeting through to product delivery, interior design and installation, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Award-Winning Interior Design

We have been awarded mulitple awards for our work both in the UK and internationally for our luxury high ­end residential designs

World Class Clients

Juliettes Interiors’ clients stretch across the globe. Our clients include royalty, domestic, commercial, interior designers, architects, property developers & celebrities. We offer exclusivity and discretion, regardless of who you are.