Luxury Mattresses

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When you are looking for a perfect night’s sleep, you need a British, hand-made mattress. We supply both Hypnos and Juliettes Interiors own branded mattresses.  Both come with guarantees from 10 to 25 years depending on the model. 

Each mattress is individually made using the finest fillings and fabrics around an active spring system, offering total spinal and body support with a range of comfort levels, from soft to extra firm. Naturally soft, breathable layers of extravagant materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and bamboo regulate body temperature, while silver-infused Belgian damasks give a fresh, hygienic sleeping surface.


What Mattress to Choose for Pregnancy?

The first trimester – you will probably feel more tired than usual and will need to nap more often. It’s important at this stage to get as much rest as possible, so sleep in whichever position you find most comfortable, even on your front, while you still can.

The second trimester, you may begin to feel more uncomfortable as the baby’s weight puts extra pressure on certain areas of your body. A softer mattress can help. The recommended sleeping position now is on your left side. Sleeping on your back should be avoided as the baby may press against one of your main blood vessels, causing you to feel faint.

By Your Third Trimester – the baby’s increasing weight may well cause lower back pain. You should continue to sleep on your left side, not on your back, using pillows between your knees and around your bump to ease discomfort and take the pressure off your hips and muscles. This is the time to get as much rest as you can in preparation for the new arrival – and the sleepless nights to follow.

A mattress that is on the softer side but still has adequate support to relieve the pressure is the best option.

Is A Firm or Orthopaedic Mattress Best For A Bad Back?

Not necessarily. It depends on your size, weight and builds. Many retailers have a range of what they call ‘orthopaedic’ mattresses but this simply means that they are the firmest mattresses they make.

The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be. If you are a small person, a firm mattress may well be too hard and could make your back pain worse. You need a mattress that will support all the contours of your body, keeping your spine horizontal when you lie on your side. If your spine sags downwards, the bed is too soft. If you are perched on the hip and shoulder with a big gap underneath, it is too hard. Try as many mattresses as you can to find what is right for you.

For more information, see How to choose a luxury bed.

Which Type of Mattress Is Best For Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to luxury mattresses. The answer is to try out a range of mattresses with different firmness ratings and fillings to find out which you find the most supportive and comfortable.

Firmness ratings are not standardised and will vary between manufacturers. Support is the most important consideration when buying a luxury mattress – lie down on each mattress for at least ten minutes in your favourite sleeping position, then try turning over, lie on your back, and put your arms up with your hands behind your head and elbows out.