Luxe Collection

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Luxe Collection

The Luxe Collection from Juliettes Interiors. A hint of Art Deco with a contemporary feel. A wealth of unrestrained yet chic glamour, designed to make a statement and really turn heads. This is a bold collection of luxury furniture created for people looking for something classic but with a difference.

You’ll find beautifully decadent chaises longues, opulent chandeliers and imaginative designer lighting. Spectacular, eye-catching mirrors sit alongside exquisite, designer sofas, chairs, cabinets and luxury bedroom furniture. Each piece is truly individual, decidedly out of the ordinary, and certainly not something you expect to see every day.

Mix rich, deep colours with gold, ebony and fabulous high gloss lacquers. Combine luxurious textures – the softness of velvet, the sheen of satin, interlaced with gleaming metallic finishes and distinctive wooden inlays. Choose from sensuous, organic curves and scallops or sleek, geometric shapes.

If you are looking for glamorous, eye-catching style with real personality, take a good look at the Luxe Collection. The art of making a statement.