Luxury Outdoor Sun Loungers

All items can be produced in any colour, finish, size or fabric





Bespoke Sun Loungers

All of our luxury sun loungers can be fully customised, allowing you to create beautiful, bespoke pieces to fit your garden perfectly.

Visit Juliettes Interiors London showroom to fully appreciate each piece in person. Discover how we can transform your garden, or advise on items to complement your existing pieces.

We offer a range of luxury interior design services to suit the varying needs of all our customers.

Please contact Juliettes Interiors if you have any questions about our garden furniture, or to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified interior designers.


Can You Use a Sun Lounger as a Bed?

There’s no reason why you can’t use your sun lounger as a bed, especially if you live in a warmer climate. If you live in a climate with regular rain, you’ll want to ensure that your lounger is made of a waterproof material, however we recommend not using a sun lounger as a bed in this situation.

What Are Sun Loungers For?

Sun loungers imitate beach-side furniture and are used in garden settings for use when the sun is out.

Are the Sun Loungers Waterproof?

Yes, sun loungers are waterproof depending on their fabric. If you have any questions around which loungers are waterproof at Juliettes Interiors, we recommend contacting us and speaking to one of our experts.

How Should You Clean a Sun Lounger?

Juliettes Interiors recommends using a combination of warm water and mild detergent or washing up liquid to clean fabric–based sun loungers.