Luxury Italian Furniture

The term Italian furniture represents and is a symbol for high quality rather than a style or design. Luxury Italian furniture style and designs encompasses everything from contemporary/modern right through to the traditional classic reproduction designs.

The consistency is the quality available from Italy unlike any other country.

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100% Made in Italy

The Italians have an ability to produce high quality luxury furniture which is both recognised worldwide and requested by people wanting only the best. Customers are well known for ensuring their furniture is “Made in Italy”. The best manufacturers will have a certificate of origin to include the car-case to the final lacquer. Their diligence pays off as items are manufactured to last unlike the “throw out society” we have become accustomed to. The Italian manufacturers set out to make furniture to last. The wood is normally naturally dried over decades with the factory owners investing heavily into their stock piles of wood to ensure the wood dries out naturally eliminating any possible shrinkage and cracking often found in wood furniture.

High regarded factories will have official government certificates proving their items are Made 100% in Italy – including all components being fully traceable with first class materials being used from Italian natural sources and most importantly the designs are their own.

Yes its true to say the Italians are proud of their craftsmanship.  But what they do exceptionally well compared to any other countries is the final finish to the furniture.  The Italians are very skilled indeed in applying the final colours, finishes and lacquers and are without doubt the best in the world.  These manufacturers have passed down generations of their family business’s these  artisan’s skills.

The finishes range from contemporary high gloss lacquer in a RAL colour or veneer to an elaborate hand leafing with the most detailed antiquing to look like the authentic real item making it difficult to distinguish between a reproduction and the genuine article.

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Exceptional Service

We believe so strongly in our customer service that we offer a range of interior design services to suit the varying needs of all our customers. We believe this ensures the end result is most pleasing to us all. And we give customers their own personal interior designer to work with.

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We specialise in luxury high ­end residential designs for both domestic and international clients and also work alongside property developers who wish to furnish properties in preparation for sale to produce the maximum yield.

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Juliettes Interiors’ clients stretch across the globe. Our customers include royalty, domestic, commercial, interior designers, architects, property developers and celebrities. We offer exclusivity and discretion, regardless of who you are, and with whom.

Luxury Italian Furniture, London UK

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