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Contemporary Bronze Mirrored Venetian Console Table

Contemporary Bronze Mirrored Venetian Console Table

In stock & up to 70% off Exclusive Limited Edition Designer Console Set

Exclusive Limited Edition Designer Console Set


Designer Console Tables — Style, Symmetry and Practicality

With its heyday in the court of Louis XIV and the Palace of Versailles, the console table was originally a hugely ornate and exuberant statement of wealth and position, a definite example of form over function. Named after the s-shaped brackets that held it to the wall, a console table was traditionally semi-circular and theatrical in design, frequently enhanced with an imposing mirror above. The modern incarnation of the designer console table has become more pared back and practical, often incorporating shelves and drawers, but still retains its sense of style and symmetry.

Even the simplest console table is designed to be an eye-catching conversation piece. Once considered an item exclusively for the hall or vestibule, its narrow silhouette and elegant proportions make it one of the most versatile and multi-functional pieces of furniture in any home. From a compact desk in a study to a stunning sideboard in a dining room, a sleek and stylish bar or a space-saving storage solution in a sitting room, the designer console table is invaluable in its adaptability.

At Juliettes Interiors, you will find designer console tables to complement any décor and any room in your house. Choose from a traditional demi-lune shape with ornate curves and exquisitely carved, gilded legs, or a minimalist, almost weightless design with crisp, straight lines and modern materials. Today’s console table knows no boundaries, allowing for daring designs and show-stopping features.

Our master craftsmen combine traditional materials with the finest of modern finishes; cool marble, warm wood, beautiful bronze and gold — with stainless steel, copper, leather and richly-coloured lacquer. Mirrored glass not only looks stunning, it also creates the illusion of space and grandeur in the smallest of spaces. Silver and gold leaf give an opulent, regal feel, while black nickel, copper leaf and aged patinas bring the console right up to date.

As useful as it is decorative, a designer console table is probably the hardest-working piece of furniture in your home. Often overlooked, it deserves a place in any modern interior.