Luxury Venetian Mirrors and Glass Mirrors

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In stock & 40% off Set Of 3 Tall Contemporary Slimline Bevelled Wall Mirrors

Set Of 3 Tall Contemporary Slimline Bevelled Wall Mirrors

Wide Antiqued Mirrored Frame Mirror

Wide Antiqued Mirrored Frame Mirror

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Venetian Mirrors and Glass Mirrors

From an expensive luxury to an absolute necessity, a large, glamorous Venetian glass mirror is a very modern innovation. The earliest mirrors were made from polished obsidian, then highly-polished bronze or even stone. While glass mirrors were perfected in Venice during the 16th century, it was impossible to create a large piece of clear, flat glass until fairly recently. So these Venetian mirrors were very small but extremely valuable luxuries.

A glorious expanse of mirrored glass is now a reality within everyone’s reach, and this superb range of Venetian glass mirrors at Juliettes Interiors goes to show how stunning something as simple as a sheet of glass can become when combined with luxurious materials and innovative designs. From sleek, frameless styles with clear, bevelled glass to glorious oversized mirrors and modern, quirky designs, you will find mirrors to complement every room in your home.

A striking, sectional mirror can be configured in any combination to create the perfect size for any space. Or choose a classic Venetian design, embellished with subtle engraving and semi-precious stones. Antiqued glass and silver, smoked glass, exquisite detailing and immaculate finishes – all combine to take this range of mirrors way beyond the ordinary.

Venetian glass has finally come of age. Perfect when you need a beautiful mirror to reflect the opulence of your surroundings.