5 Romantic Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

It’s safe to say that Valentine’s Day is a controversial holiday – you either love it or you hate it. We’re of the belief that whether you’re firmly attached or flying solo, you deserve to enjoy the romantic aesthetics that this holiday has to offer. The soft pink tones and silk linen textures of the bed above are just one example.

From pink and red colour schemes to opulent accents, we’ve got you covered with some fabulous Valentine’s interior ideas. Keep reading for our top 5 design tips to incorporate in your interior this Valentine’s Day.

1. A Cosy Nook

Creating a cosy nook area is a great way to incorporate some Valentine’s flair with a little more permanence. Recent interior trends have seen a huge uptick in interest when it comes to utilising small and otherwise neglected corners in your home. 

On top of helping you make the most of your space, a cosy nook is an extremely versatile addition. It’s not just there to facilitate romance; it can be used to lounge around with friends, family, or a pet – or, you can kick back and relax with a book for some solo downtime. Of course, if you want to snuggle up with a partner in your cosy nook, then who are we to stop you?

Top tip: Make the most of the view available to you! If possible, curate your cosy nook near a window to bring the outdoors in with a beautiful landscape.

2. A Valentine’s Colour Scheme

What are the first colours that come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Pink and red, of course! While these tones are objectively gorgeous in their own right, it can be a fine line between chic and gaudy when it comes to incorporating them in your interior. You’ll want to avoid overstimulating the senses when using these colours.

Opting for soft pink hues as opposed to brighter shades of pink can make a world of difference here. Pastel tones tend to be much easier on the eye, meaning that you can incorporate this romantic shade in your interior without overstepping into tackiness. Furthermore, soft pink can serve as a great transitional shade between your neutral backdrop and any punchier red accents you may wish to use.

When it comes to red, it’s definitely best used as an accent colour. Try opting for red throw cushions, lamps, or lighting details to tie this tone into your interior without overwhelming the space.

3. Baroque and Rococo Inspiration

There aren’t many design aesthetics that embody romance better than the Italian Baroque and French Rococo styles. Both characterised by ornate carvings and elaborate artistic motifs in both furniture and architecture, these styles offer a dramatic flair that oozes opulence. While Baroque depicts a more sensual and sublime Gothic aesthetic, Rococo tends to employ more pastel tones and carries with it a lighter, sweeter feel. 

Both design aesthetics pack a big punch if you’re looking to up the romance factor of your interior. And, well, if you have a penchant for eccentric or maximalist interiors, we know these styles will be right up your alley.

4. Mood Lighting

To no one’s surprise, lighting will play a huge role in curating the atmosphere that you’re after in your interior. Whether the vibe you’re after is convivial or romantic, lighting is a factor that simply can’t be neglected. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day inviting your friends over for a drink, having a unique and eye-catching lighting fixture in your home will make for a great talking piece (more like bragging piece!). 

Or if you’re spending the day with your partner, curate a romantic atmosphere by opting for dimmer, warmer toned lighting… Need we say more?

5. Soft Textiles

With this holiday being all about love, comfort is absolutely key. Employing softer, plushier textures in your home is going to really bring that sweet, romantic vibe to life. Opt for materials like velvet or bouclé for maximal comfort – and maybe throw in a fluffy pillow or two while you’re at it!

Bonus Tip: Decorate With Flowers!

Well, we know it’s nothing groundbreaking. But take this reminder that you can buy yourself flowers too, regardless of if there’s someone buying them for you! Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love – self-love included! Decorating your home with flowers is a great way to honour that love – plus, you should never underestimate how far a beautiful bunch of flowers can go in elevating your interior. Try matching your flowers to the accent tones in the space, and watch how the room effortlessly ties itself together.

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