6 tips to a Luxury Feel in a Compact Space

According to top interior designers like Tom Scheerer there’s nothing more beautiful than a perfectly proportioned room. In today’s space-saving design environment, is it better to renovate a small space rather than move to a larger, uglier building ?
Living in a compact space is no longer the style constraint it once was. The world is full of cute, stylish buildings and interiors that perhaps aren’t much larger than your old student digs. But where there’s creativity there’s style, so here are six ways you can create a lavish, luxury feel in a small but perfectly formed living area.
1. Play to the atmospheric strengths of the space
We love old buildings that have been modernised to offer superb old-world style with modern convenience. Cornice mouldings, baseboards, original fireplaces, old exposed pipes – use the history and evocative feel of the space to best effect. The same goes for modern builds. Clean lines, sweeping curves, blank walls – don’t fight the space by jamming it with faux-fittings, simply work with it to bring together a superbly eclectic classic charm/modern touch unique interior.
2. Plan a custom lighting concept
In all spaces it’s essential to create custom lighting that works perfectly with the space. In smaller spaces you can use different lighting techniques to highlight spaces as if they were their own room, spread light around the space and completely overcome issues like poor natural light. Top tip – mirrors are superb for naturally diffusing light through a small or awkwardly-shaped space. Something like Venetian mirrored furniture ticks all the boxes.
3. Invest in bespoke style solutions
Bespoke designer furniture can be a superb solution to space issues like unusually-shaped bedrooms, small expensive studio apartment in central London and so on. Our designers advise spending your money on designer French furniture and custom pieces that are designed for the space. Make the furniture fit the space, not the other way around.
4. Use colour and texture to add depth
Playing tricks on the eye with colour is almost a science in itself ! Did you know keeping the wall your window is on painted light shade helps add a sense of space to the room even if the rest of the walls  are a dark, vivid hue ?
5. Don’t fall into the trap of only using small pieces of furniture
The luxury look is perfect for statement pieces. If you’ve always had your eye on a luxury velvet headboard, don’t scrap the idea in favour of a fold-away bed (despite tip no.3) Embrace large pieces if they’re what your heart is set on and work them practically into the space.
6. Movable accessories for changeable style
We love dramatic, statement pieces, but there’s a lot to be said for what you can do with plenty of luxe accessories. Moving accessories around a space is a great to give it a fresh feel, so head over to our designer home accessories web area now to quench the thirst of ideas.
Good luck !

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