How to prepare your home for the perfect Easter party

how to prepare your home for easter by juliettes interiors

Easter is almost here, providing the perfect opportunity for us to come together, relax, and enjoy delicious food with loved ones. And there’s no setting more intimate for these memorable moments than our own spaces. So, if you’ve been looking forward to spending some quality time surrounded by family and friends as much as we have, you’ve likely been thinking about how to prepare your home for the occasion. Let’s look at some last-minute ways to prepare your home for the perfect Easter party (and beyond!)…

Greeting Guests

There is more than one way to wow visitors as they walk through the door. So, to prepare your home for Easter, fill your home with fresh flowers and infuse your interior with both the scent and feel of spring in bloom. Alternatively, why not greet your guests with stunning fragrance. Each of our new luxury room diffusers boasts a distinct personality and talent for transforming moods and spaces, creating an atmosphere of warmth and opulence. We can’t think of a better welcome!

Going Outside

If the sun is shining, spring is arguably the most wonderful season to be outside in nature. Birds chirp away, new flowers are in bloom, and the air is delightfully fresh this time of year. All of which provide the perfect conditions for a spot of alfresco dining. But if you haven’t yet invested in some luxury garden furniture, have no fear. Here’s our top tip for getting the most out of your garden this Easter…

There’s something rather romantic about the idea of bringing furniture outside, and simply seizing the moment with whatever you have. Bringing your indoor dining table and chairs outdoors temporarily can be a really fun way to entertain guests. Not only does this enable you to create an atmosphere of comfort and informality, but a carefully curated feel. We love how this Luxurious Italian 6 Seat Dining Table Set looks like something out of a fairytale!

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Let There Be Light

If you do decide to take things outside, ensure the celebrations aren’t cut short when the sun goes down. Candles and lanterns provide a beautiful, albeit temporary glow, but you might consider something more permanent for future occasions. From outdoor chandeliers to oversized iron lamps, our range of luxury outdoor lighting designs serve not only as sources of illumination but also as stylish additions to your garden space.

Spring Cleaning

Nothing works quite as well as impending guests for finding the motivation to tidy up. But spring cleaning means so much more than dusting away a few corner-cobwebs. It’s about changing up the look and feel of your home both for aesthetic and wellbeing purposes. According to feng shui principles, unnecessary clutter can affect our ability to relax in a space. So, to truly prepare your home for Easter, it’s time to lighten the load and reorganise! Stow away heavy fabrics and blankets, and narrow down your collection of decorative items to promote an easier, breezier way of living.

Read our top tips for maximising storage with style.

Somewhere to Sit

Prepare your home for Easter with ample seating. For the few – or many – times of year you have more people than usual in your home, it’s imperative that everyone has somewhere to sit! Whilst improvising may involve pulling various stools, pouffes and armchairs in from elsewhere around the home, there is a far easier way to maximise seating in your living area for future hosting long-term. Choosing a modular sofa design will allow you to swiftly rearrange its components and adapt to any occasion. Push back into the corner or up against the wall, or add more pieces as the party grows – shop our collection of luxury sofa designs today.

As Easter approaches, it’s time to prepare your home and create the perfect setting for a memorable celebration with loved ones. From the inviting fragrance of fresh flowers to the enchanting ambiance of outdoor dining, there is a whole host of ways to embrace the spirit of the season for the occasion (and beyond!).

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