Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture can also be described as customised or taylor made furniture.  Bespoke furniture is customised to fit exactly to a specification which can be required for many different reasons.  Some of most obvious reasons why furniture or lighting would be customised could be: the requirement for a brand new exclusive design, a copy of an existing design, a change in size, a change in materials used. 

Other bespoke options may include more simple requests like new or different handles, additional shelving, internal lighting,  down to a change in colour(s) or fabrics used.  Even a change in dimensions would make a piece of furniture look totally different by changing its proportions.

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Bespoke Furniture

So its always advisable when changing the overall dimensions of furniture or lighting to ensure first, before the production is started, to have the item drawn to scale to ensure the overall look is still as pleasing as the original. For this reason Its advisable to use computerised drawings where possible for accuracy compared to an artist’s impression.

A piece of furniture or lighting can have a completely different look and application by being made to bespoke requirements. Even just a change of colour and or finish counts as an items being made to a bespoke specification but the look can and will change dramatically when the colour used changes.  Often one will not recognise the same item in a different colour or completely by pass a suitable item because ones eyes do not see through to the design itself due to being either blinded by the colour or not having sufficient imagination to realise the concept in a different colour.

Bespoke furniture and lighting will often need the advice and consultation of a professional to ensure the finished item will work atheistically in the designated area its being produced for.  But also, and very importantly when changing the dimensions on furniture and lighting this will cause different strains in different areas that would not normally be apparent on a standard item.  When designing a brand new exclusive bespoke piece the overall design must take into account any weights, movements on doors, hinges etc. 

This all sounds simple but in reality a bespoke piece of furniture or lighting is actually a prototype but as these items are commissioned they cannot be a prototype once finished so much thought should be given to the functionality during the planning stages.

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