Bitcoin Accepted Here

This week, Juliettes Interiors became the first high-end retailer in the UK to accept Bitcoin. Our luxury, designer furniture and residential interior design services have joined the likes of Expedia, Dell, Microsoft and Save the Children in offering this as an alternative to traditional payment methods.


Bitcoin Accepted Here


Leading the way

By adding the digital currency to our list of payment options, Juliettes Interiors is leading the way in the luxury market, embracing new technologies and the ever-increasing ease and security provided by smartphones and tablets. As one of the first people in London to drive an all-electric Tesla car, I believe we have to look forward to prosper – in life as well as business.


An alternative choice for our customers

I realise we stand alone in our sector at the moment but, within 18 months, I think this will be a part of everyday life – just like the Tesla. The world around us doesn’t stand still and, as a company, we must always be ahead of the game. We have been looking at digital currencies for some time now and we know that many of our clients are serious Bitcoin investors. Bitcoin has a growing user base around the world but, until now, our customers have been unable to use it to purchase ultra-high-end, luxury furniture and interior design. We believe it offers our UK and international customers a real choice, and payments are quick, easy and hassle-free.


Use your Bitcoin to furnish your home, donate to charity or hire a private jet


An innovative approach

London is leading the way in the UK’s Bitcoin revolution, with 17 Bitcoin ATMs and around 70 retailers now accepting the digital currency. And it’s not just the big multi-nationals getting in on the act. Small and medium businesses are also making the switch, with more joining the BTC wave daily. You can get a tattoo, hire a private jet, donate to charity, even buy a central London mansion using Bitcoin. Now you can also furnish your mansion from top to bottom with some of the world’s finest, most luxurious furniture, thanks to our innovative approach to business and customer care.


Luxury Italian Designer Dining Table And Chairs Set
Now you can use Bitcoin to furnish your home with some of the world’s finest, most luxurious furniture


This central London mansion is about to go up for sale. Payment by Bitcoin please



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