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The third in our series of Lockdown Living posts, bringing you ideas and projects to tackle if you are unexpectedly at home for a while. Check out our Home Office Hints & Tips and Accessories for an Instant Uplift. Today, we are looking at creating a Book Nook. We have taken our inspiration from some of the world’s most amazing libraries and book stores. These may be a bit on the palatial side but we also enjoy the challenge of creating an exciting nook in a very small space. We’re thinking of under the stairs or maybe on a mezzanine. Where will you create yours?

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore, Bucharest

Before you start

Whether you are at home with children or self-isolating alone, a book nook is a fantastic addition to any home. It is a place full of wonder, inspiration and escape. Sit and read with the children, help with their school work, or tuck yourself away and forget everything that’s going on outside. Your book nook could be a snug little space for one or a grand expanse of books and bookshelves. You don’t even have to read in there. You could just listen to music or catch up on Instagram. How you use the space is up to you. Before you start creating your nook, think carefully about the space you have and who is going to use it. Do you need just one sumptuously comfy seat or a large, oversized sofa? How many books do you need to accommodate and what size are they? This will determine the furniture you need to include.

book nook, taupe leather luxury sofa with grand bookcase
A modular bookcase (above) allows you to create the perfect storage solution for your space and your books. Contact us for full details

Built In or Free Standing?

Obviously, we can’t create anything built in just now unless you’re handy at DIY. We don’t know about you but we’ve always hankered after a built in seat in a bay window with a gentle breeze wafting the voile curtains. Maybe one day. Today, we will be looking at free-standing options instead. If only a built in nook will do, use this time to start planning so that when things return to normal, you are ready to go.

book nook, leather rocking chair with gold and linen floor lamp, wall mounted bookshelf

What does a Book Nook need?

There are only three essential elements when creating a book nook: somewhere comfy to sit, somewhere to store your books, and enough light to read by. If you have the space, it’s also very useful to have a side table – it’s somewhere to put your book down and your cup of coffee (or a G&T when the children have gone to bed). If you are lucky enough to have a space by a window, you can enjoy lots of natural light during the day, but you will still need lighting for darker days and evenings.

Stuttgart City Library

Book Nook Bookshelf

Always go for the largest bookshelf you can fit into your space (remember to allow for seating as well). If you are a real bookworm, you will need every inch of shelf space. Even if you’re not, you can style the spaces with one-off, individual accessories or plants, which are proven to increase feelings of wellbeing. A statement bookcase marks this out as a separate space, a room within a room almost. Do not, however, make the space too cramped as it will feel claustrophobic rather than welcoming. If you don’t have the floor space, maybe you could have a smaller bookcase on the wall. Think also about the sizes of your books. Choose a bookcase with adjustable shelves or one that has spaces tall enough for your biggest books. With a free-standing bookshelf, it is important to have your biggest, heaviest books on the bottom shelves to avoid it toppling over.

Book Nook Seating

A book nook needs to be a haven. Therefore, your seating needs to be gloriously comfortable. It’s no good having an ultra-stylish chair if you always feel perched or unsteady. You need to be able to forget that it’s even there. Go for soft, plump cushions, plenty of space to spread out or curl up, even a rocking chair if the fancy takes you. If this is somewhere to sit and read with children, a luxury sofa may be more practical and take up less space than a selection of armchairs.

Book Nook Lighting

This is a relaxing place. It is calm and peaceful. The luxury lighting you choose needs to be bright enough to read by but still warm and cosy. We have chosen floor lamps and table lamps as they can be moved around to provide a pool of light just where you need it, and still make a statement at the same time.

Add a Side Table

If you have the space, a side table is always useful. Obviously, it is essential if you are planning on using table lamps. It is also a handy place to put your book down for a while or to sit with a coffee while the world goes by. Choose something that you absolutely love. A luxury side table is a small indulgence in our lockdown lives.

Bespoke Furniture

At Juliettes, we have a very extensive range of luxury furniture for you to create your own book nook. However, if you have an awkward space, or you just haven’t seen quite what you are looking for, we can design special, one-off bespoke pieces or a whole collection. We also specialise in sourcing those hard-to-find products that others can’t. Our design team are still here, hard at work, so just give them a call to discuss what it is you’re looking for. All our staff are only a phone call, email or LiveChat away.

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