Everyone Loves a Chaise Longue

Who doesn’t love a chaise longue? Or a chaise lounge? However you decide to spell it or say it, a beautiful chaise will always add a touch of glamour to any room in your home. Or imagine yourself reclining in a cool and shady corner of the garden on a glorious summer’s day. You’ll see a selection of our favourite chaises below. To see the full range, click here.





The Ultimate Relaxing Machine

A chaise longue is the icon of decadent living. Le Corbusier himself described it as the ultimate relaxing machine. Starting life in Egypt, a glamorous chaise longue has been a treasured feature throughout history in the world’s most luxurious homes. Beloved of Pharoahs and Emperors, French noblewomen, Victorian ladies and Hollywood starlets — not to mention Freud — its timeless popularity speaks volumes for its universal appeal.





What is a Chaise Longue?

Quite literally, it is a long chair – a fusion of chair and footstool, creating a seamless item of luxury furniture on which to recline. We believe it is the most versatile piece of furniture you are ever likely to own. Use it indoors as a chair or a sofa. It makes a perfect day bed or even a stylish window seat. Take it outdoors and you immediately have the most glamorous sun lounger. At its heart, a chaise longue is a seat with a headrest. It may also have a footrest, a back and one or two armrests, but none of these are absolutely necessary. With so many variations – a high, low or sloping back, with or without armrests, formal, casual, ornate or contemporary – choosing the right one takes consideration. Essentially, though, a chaise is a place to kick back and relax, feet up, and watch the world go by. Indoors or outdoors, a chaise longue is still associated with luxury, decadence and the high life. No doubt that’s why it is on many a person’s wish list.







New Arrivals at Juliettes

We know how much our customers love a chaise longue, a chaise lounge or a chaise long. So, we have been working closely with some of the finest European designers and master craftsmen to produce our new range of fabulous chaises. Every one of our chaises longues is designed for comfort, whilst adding a splash of je ne sais quoi. Once you have experienced the sublime, cocooning comfort of one of our chaises, you may never want to get up again.





Choose from stunning neoclassical designs that take you back in time to Ancient Egypt or Rome. Maybe your taste inclines more towards classic French or Italian baroque with its shapely curves and scrolls. Add a touch of Hollywood with sleek, seductive upholstery or, for a more contemporary look, check out the clean, uncomplicated lines of our modern daybeds and couches. A chaise makes a breathtaking feature in any room. Every bedroom should have one, and who could imagine a dressing room without one? Take the luxury up to the next level in your sitting room, library or even your bathroom. Whether it is a well-loved piece of everyday furniture or an occasional piece; quiet and unassuming or a bold statement, a chaise longue is always at home.




Don’t think that you have to slavishly follow trends. We always recommend buying something you love, a chaise that fits instantly into your life and your interior. Take your time and consider all the options. Go for quality and you will have a chaise longue that will be part of the family for years to come.




Customise your Chaise Longue

Hand crafted to a world class standard, using only the finest materials, our exclusive chaises longues are second to none. Smooth satins, sumptuous velvets, the softest leathers or modern, textured fabrics. Warm woods, flawless lacquers, gold or silver leaf and hand-painted finishes. Customise your chaise longue with your choice from our unrivalled library of colours, fabrics, textures and finishes. Or create your own bespoke chaise by specifying your own fabrics and finishes. If you need any advice on creating a unique chaise longue, our interior design team would be delighted to help. Just give them a call.




Time to Explore

Whether you think of it as a daybed, a couch or a lounge chair, every modern home needs the added charm that a chaise longue can bring. So set aside a little time, make yourself comfortable, and explore our wonderfully eclectic new range of chaises longues. You won’t be disappointed.

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