How to Create a Luxury Garden

luxury garden, Rattan Style Winged Outdoor Swinging Armchair

You are probably fed up of hearing about how important our gardens have become over the last 12 months (check out Plan an Outdoor Retreat and Create a Fantasy Garden from last summer, when we though lockdown was nearly over). It is true, however, that being forced to spend so much time at home has made us appreciate our gardens a lot more. If we can’t jet off to tropical destinations just yet, a beautiful, well-planned luxury garden is an absolute must. It is somewhere to escape, to enjoy nature and sunshine, to entertain. Whether you have a compact, urban space, a city centre walled garden, a suburban oasis or a grand country garden, don’t you deserve the very best? So what are the secrets to creating the perfect luxury garden?

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Plan Your Luxury Garden

It doesn’t matter what size or style of plot you have, the most important part of creating any luxury garden is planning. Don’t just buy lots of luxury garden furniture, accessories and plants and then try putting them together. Chances are you will end up with an untidy mish-mash of styles and ideas. Whether you are starting from scratch or working round existing features, draw up a plan. You could sketch it on paper or do it digitally. It doesn’t have to be perfect – although you may prefer to call upon a professional garden designer if planning is not your forte. Think about who will be using the garden and what they need from it. Then, move on to zoning…

hand drawn sketch of a formal garden
Sketch out your ideas to avoid costly mistakes. Image © Mainwood Architects

Luxury Garden Zoning

If you read last week’s post about Garden Trends 2021, you’ll know that zoning has become an important part of even the most modest garden refurb. Everyone wants a little piece of that garden. A place to do their own thing. Every luxury garden needs a relaxed seating area at the very least. Work out how the sun moves round your garden at different times of day. Think about the times you are most likely to sit out and relax. Then find the best spot for your seating area based on the amount of sun and shade that’s right for you. Most luxury gardens will also have a dining area, which generally needs some shade. This could be provided by a beautiful arbour, existing trees, parasols or some on-trend sail shades.

Designer Wicker Contemporary Outdoor Garden Dining Chair with teak table

Kitchen, Bar or Bistro?

After relaxing and dining, the other zones are much more fluid, depending on your space, your family and what you want to achieve. A fully-fitted outdoor kitchen and/or an outdoor bar, complete with fridge and sink, are moving further up garden wish lists. With a lot more entertaining happening out of doors, you can understand why. Alternatively, a stylish drinks trolley – or the fabulous gin trolley below – can be wheeled out as and when you are entertaining, without being a permanent fixture. You may need a children’s play area; a space to exercise; a more intimate, cosy bistro table for two; somewhere to read or paint or just to escape. Think carefully about sun, shade and distance from the house before deciding what should go where.

The Most Perfect Modern Gin Trolley

Separating Zones

Zones within your luxury garden can be separated using planting, furniture, paving or areas of lawn. There are many types of screening available, from a natural, living screen to contemporary, laser-cut metal screens. Even something as simple as a row or arc of statement pots or planters can delineate a space. When planning your zones, try out different placements to see what works best in the space. You want defined areas but you don’t want to create barriers that will stop you using parts of the garden. Make sure that there is a natural flow to your final design.

Laser cut metals screens © Harrod Horticultural

Invest in Statement Planting

There is so much choice in terms of plants. We are not gardeners so we can’t advise on how to care for your begonias. What we would say is that a luxury garden needs bold, statement plants and trees. Whatever style you are going for, don’t be meagre with your planting. If you are lucky enough to have the climate for it, grow palm trees. If not, large tree ferns can look just as dramatic. These days, there are so many more grand, mature trees and plants available. Ancient, gnarled olive trees give a wonderful, mediterranean feel. You will find that many lush, tropical-looking plants can withstand the UK climate. So if you can’t wait for your garden to grow, buy big.

Luxury Garden, Designer Italian Teak Garden Dining Table Set with mature olive tree

Well-Tended and Tidy

Luxury gardens are never untidy. The current trend of softening edges with overgrown planting still has its place but even this must be kept in check. There is a difference between intentionally softened and neglected. If you don’t have green fingers, or the time to tend your garden yourself, you should also invest in a gardener. Your garden will not be luxurious otherwise.

Invest in Luxury Garden Furniture

You have the finest quality luxury furniture indoors. So don’t stint when it comes to luxury garden furniture. This is an extension of your living space. It needs to be supremely comfortable and you want the same level of quality and attention to detail. From ultra-modern styles to traditional designs, outdoor dining sets to luxury pool furniture, choose pieces that you absolutely love. Think back to your various zones and the people who will be using each space.

Luxury Four Poster Double Sun Lounger

Plan, Plan, Plan

Again, planning is key to achieving a cohesive, relaxed and welcoming look throughout. There is such a thing as too much furniture, but make sure you include family and friends in your plans. Choose your luxury garden furniture wisely to suit your style, your space and your budget. This is something we can help you with so, if you need advice on the best outdoor furniture for your luxury garden, just give us a call.

Add Atmosphere with Luxury Lighting

Lighting makes such a difference to any garden. Obviously, it makes it usable even when it’s dark but we are talking about more than just function. Once you have planned your statement planting, think about lighting trees from underneath to show them off. Position uplighters throughout large areas of foliage to extend your visible space as it gets dark. Mark out paths or the edges of your various garden zones. Build lighting into steps and use it to highlight any moving water feature. Drape lights up and over a pergola. Then plan the lighting of your relaxing, dining and socialising areas. It needs to be bright enough without being stark. And don’t forget a few striking, oversized LED or candle-lit lanterns. The possibilities are endless.

A Luxury Garden Needs Water

We don’t mean a sprinkler on the lawn or an automatic watering system. Luxury gardens have always included fabulous water features. Depending on the size and style of your garden, this could mean a magnificent fountain or a gentle, contemporary trickling rill. We love the calm, relaxing sound of moving water but if you prefer something still, a giant water bowl still gives that tranquil, peaceful feeling. We do feel that every luxury garden needs a pool, a pond or a waterfall somewhere.

The Lemon Tree Trust Garden – Tom Massy Studio © Britt Willoughby Dyer

Natural Materials

Natural materials always bring an effortless beauty to a luxury garden. Teak, acacia and beautiful woods give warmth and tie in to the living aspect of trees and plants. Use the tones of natural stone or slate for a traditional, even rustic look. Materials such as travertine and marble give a formal, well-tended, opulent feel. Porcelain tile can be almost anything you want it to be – smooth and seamless or embossed with pattern, texture, even wood grain. Best of all, it is exceptionally durable and much easier to maintain than wood. As well as paving, seating and dining furniture, try to include large, natural stone or glazed pots, a sealed marble outdoor kitchen surface, maybe some beautiful garden statues. Just don’t overdo it.

Luxury Garden, Designer Wicker And Teak Garden Dining Set

Highest Quality Synthetic Rattan

If you are looking for something easier to maintain than wood or rattan, it no longer means settling for something cheap and plastic. Today’s modern synthetic materials are not only waterproof and weatherproof, they are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Even better, the synthetic rattan furniture here at Juliettes is eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Rattan Style Covered Bench Sofa
Rattan Style Covered Bench Sofa

Bring the Indoors Out

We keep saying that your luxury garden is an extension of your home. So, finally, treat it as you would any other multi-function room. Make the most of beautiful accessories to make it feel homely. Use outdoor rugs to soften surfaces under foot. If you have side tables alongside your sofa indoors, have them outdoors too. Giant floor cushions are great for entertaining, for children’s play areas or for teenage zones – and you can clear them away for a more formal look when necessary. Always have a vase of cut flowers on your dining or coffee table, as long as you don’t leave vases out over winter. Use smaller items of luxury garden furniture and accessories to add an extra layer of personality.

Luxury Square Garden Coffee Table

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  1. What an absolutely marvelous guide on creating a luxury garden! Your blog has left me inspired to turn my own outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis of beauty and elegance. Your emphasis on careful planning and design is spot-on. Starting with a well-thought-out layout ensures that every nook and corner of the garden serves a purpose and exudes luxury. The idea of dividing the garden into distinct zones, such as a dining area, lounging space, and a vibrant flower garden, is a brilliant way to create a harmonious and functional environment.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Arbica, we are glad you enjoyed the article! Lovely to hear that you are inspired by it for your own outdoor space, it really is all about the planning! We wish you luck and hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did.
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