How to throw the best Wimbledon-style lawn party

Want to know how to throw the best Wimbledon-style lawn party? We’ve got you. 

It’s that time of the year again, when our favourite tennis stars get to don their finest crisp whites at Wimbledon.

Of course, if you are like us, you are planning to celebrate the tournament by throwing a Wimbledon-themed garden party. 

The quintessence of Wimbledon’s prestigious competition is its grand garden displays.

The club’s grounds showcase a stunning floral collection that is maintained all year round. Therefore, what better way to pay tribute to this esteemed tournament than with a swanky lawn party? 

But what makes a great Wimbledon garden party? Comfortable garden furniture is a great start. Beautiful garden accessories will impress your guests and, of course, don’t forget the tennis! We suggest serving strawberries and cream to totally embrace the theme and serve a refreshing selection of drinks to help make the day extra special. 

So, grab your whites and get your garden ready for the best Wimbledon lawn party!

The perfect setup

For any garden party, the right, comfortable outdoor furniture will make the difference. If you love entertaining,
an outdoor table is an absolute staple in any garden. In this case, the table doesn’t need to be too big, as we can imagine guests would prefer wondering around at a Wimbledon- themed party. 

For the seating, a Wicker sofa would be ideal and it looks extra stylish. However, if you haven’t invested in a beautiful outdoor sofa – which we strongly recommend – don’t panic. You can always bring your indoor furniture outside. Armchairs, pouffes and chairs not only are extremely comfortable but will also look extra stylish in the garden.

Tennis matches can last for hours, so you want to make sure your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit.

Patio furniture and lots of cushions will work fantastically for an event like this one. Alternatively, you can bring your indoor chairs outside and allow your guests to sit and chat with a glass of Pimm’s.

Chairs are a great choice, in this case, you can gather them around a TV or projector to see the Wimbledon action in a more casual setting. For more inspiration, check out the latest addition in our Luxury Garden Collection, or get in touch with us for more information.

Get the parasols out 

We are optimistic the weather is going to be ok, but whether it’s going to be sunny or cloudy, a parasol is always a great addition to your garden parties. A well-designed outdoor umbrella or parasol can also be a design feature in your garden. As a matter of fact, it adds a sculptural silhouette that gives your outdoor party a more considerate feel.

The screening

How are you planning on showing the matches? Can you bring your TV outside or use a projector? This last one would really up the experience but, whatever your preference, check everything’s working perfectly and make sure the acoustics are all in tune. 

The Décor

When it comes to decoration, keep it simple. Since players wear all-white, it is a good idea to have white decorations for your Wimbledon-themed lawn party. You can always add some popping summer colours such as blue, yellow or green. There is no doubt that paying good attention to smaller garden accessories will elevate the experience. And if you are up for it, you could even have a dress code, such as sport-inspired clothing or an all-white dress theme.

Think about lighting

With the new roof and floodlights adjusted in recent years, the play at Centre Court continues after 11pm. That is to say, if the party goes on through the evening, consider some lanterns and fairy lights to make the space feel more welcoming.

Get a special night-time sparkle for your Wimbledon-style lawn party by lighting plenty of candles. You can never get wrong with candles to create a delightful ambience.

Design your garden with us

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