Jellyfish Decor: The Interior Design Trend We Didn’t Know We Needed

jellyfish interior design trend by juliettes interiors

Fashion in 2024 has already thrown us a few curveballs, but one thing we certainly didn’t see coming is the jellyfish interior design trend. And if this is the first time you’re hearing of it, you’re in the right place. So, let’s dive deep into this unusual underwater aesthetic to decide whether it’s going to sink or swim!

What is jellyfish decor?

Nature inspired interiors have been rising in popularity for quite some time, and the reason is simple. No matter how advanced we become, as animals, we have an intrinsic desire to feel close to nature, and this is known as biophilia. However, as environments grow increasingly human-made, it’s becoming harder for us to feel this connection. As a result, homemakers are adopting biophilic design principles to bring elements of the great outdoors, well, indoors! These include incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone, organic shapes and earth tones, houseplants and water features… 

And now we’re adding other animals to that list, too.

Be jelly

“From home décor to couture to beauty ideas, a whole mood will bubble up in 2024 inspired by your favourite invertebrate: jellyfish.” – Pinterest

Championed by Gen Z and Millennials and also known as the ‘Be Jelly’ trend, this squishy aesthetic is a dream-like fusion of this unusual creature and Y2K style. And it’s drifting its way to the top of the trends list on a rather fast current. According to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report, searches for “Jellyfish Lamp” are up by 95%. So let’s look at how to incorporate the jellyfish interior design style in your home…

How to incorporate jellyfish interior design in your home

One of the best things about jellyfish decor is its rules are as fluid as its look. Meaning you can opt for subtle hints with one or two accent pieces, or go all-out aquarium chic with LED lights and glass furniture. This interior design trend is all about drawing whatever inspiration from the animal. So, you might indeed start with lighting, opting for a design that resembles its shape, colours, texture, or even the way it moves.


Similar to the mushroom interior design trend, the shape of a jellyfish consists of domed or umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles. And you can decide which elements you want to incorporate. For example, you might emulate its rounded form with curved furniture, or hang long pendant lights or chandeliers to represent the creature as a whole.


Jellyfish colours range from soft pastels to vivid neons, the latter of which make ideal accent hues. Setting brightly-coloured home accessories against a paler background offers an exciting focus in any interior. Alternatively, pairing with darker shades of blue and black will create a dramatic contrast, working to evoke a deep ocean scene.


Due to the translucency of jellyfish, materials such as glass and perspex are a go-to when embodying this interior design trend. But floaty fabrics such as silks and chiffons are also ideal for mimicking the animal’s fluid movements as it travels through water. But don’t just stop at curtains and drapes – experiment with throws, wall hangings and even bed canopies. 

Y2K Style

Thanks to a growing trend of nostalgia for the early 2000s, turn of the millennium style is making a comeback – from music to fashion! The Y2K interior aesthetic is an eclectic mix of retro futurism and modern minimalism. Most recognisable for its sleek lines, bold colours, and use of space-age-inspired materials such as acrylics, chrome, and translucent plastics. In addition to reflective surfaces, geometric patterns and asymmetrical shapes are common features, with furniture pieces often boasting unconventional forms and ergonomic designs. When it comes to accents, vibrant colours and neon lighting are a must, as well as vintage style accessories including lava lamps, gadgets, and artwork that add to the style’s futuristic feel. Born out of a time of forward-looking vision and design innovation, Y2K interior design represents optimism for the future as well as an idealised version of the past. 

Sink or swim?

As the 2024 fashions continue to surprise, jellyfish interior design emerges as an unexpected fusion of biophilia and Y2K style, captivating Gen Z and Millennials alike. Embracing fluidity in design, from shapes mimicking organic forms to vibrant colours and translucent textures, it offers a whimsical yet modern take on home decor – and is the trend we didn’t know we needed!

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