Little Black Sofa Blog Awards – The Winners


Well, we have had a fantastic time exploring all the fascinating blogs in our first Little Black Sofa Awards – and it seems you have too. These were judged not only on the votes they received but also on their range of content, personality and star quality. We are delighted to announce this year’s Winners and Runners-Up. Drum roll please…

Luxury Lifestyle

WINNER : Silver Spoon

We love this blog. Which is why we chose it as our Little Black Sofa Awards Luxury Lifestyle winner! As well as being a full time blogger, Angie Silver is currently re-designing her own home and preparing for a new arrival. We love the fact that she is always so enthusiastic about life – and her love of luxury, from fabulous food and the freshest fashion finds to restaurant reviews, beauty news and what’s on. With updates on all her travels around the world, we always look forward to finding out where she’s off to next. She’s not letting the imminent arrival of her first baby spoil her travel plans either. Just because she can’t jet off abroad, it doesn’t mean she can’t find us some fabulous destinations closer to home.

Blog Awards, Silver Spoon, winner lifestyle

RUNNER-UP : Poppy Loves

A jam-packed blog that Poppy describes as a London Lifestyle blog – but it’s so much more than that. Not only does she feature her foodie finds, culture, what to do and where to go, Poppy also has her own book club as well as product reviews and features on home, health, beauty and clothes. There’s nothing skimpy about this one.

Blog Awards, Poppy Loves

High End Interiors

WINNER : Mad About the House

Interiors journalist and writer Kate Watson Smyth shares with us all her experiences as she tackles her own home room by room. She is also lucky enough to be invited into some of the most fabulous homes all around the country (our most recent favourite has been a series of glimpses inside a gorgeous apartment in London’s iconic Hoover building). Kate shows her readers how to use colour, with updates us on the latest trends, wallpapers and products. If, like us, you can’t resist a quick peek inside someone else’s beautiful home, check this one out. It’s not being nosey, it’s research.

Blog Awards, Mad About the House

RUNNER-UP : Dear Designer

Carole King shares her love of interiors plus anything else that inspires her on her travels. And she really is an intrepid traveller, taking on challenges the rest of us just read about. This may include an outstanding home, lovely hotels, favourite stores or exquisite products. She showcases the very best in interiors, translating current trends into workable homes for us all to aspire to. Another chance for us to take a sneak peek inside some inspired interiors. More research.

Blog Awards, Dear Designer

Luxurious Travel

WINNER : The Luxury Editor

Written by three avid travellers, this online magazine for discerning travellers is dedicated to all things luxury and travel. With profiles of upcoming destinations, the finest hotels, retreats and villas around the world, their aim is to inform and inspire us all to explore all corners of the globe. They do all the research so we don’t have to. They’ll have you packing your suitcase in no time (ours have been packed and ready to go since the beginning of the awards competition).

Blog Awards, Luxury Editor

RUNNER-UP : Luxury Columnist

Whether you have five minutes or a couple of hours, there’s so much to keep you busy on this blog. From the best instagrammable destinations to what to do in a day while you’re there. Husband and wife team Suze and Paul share their amazing experiences with tips on the best places to go. They recommend where to eat, what to wear and the best local gifts to search out. They also have a love of interior design. If they see something that inspires them on their travels, they also show how you can incorporate little details into your décor when you get back. Their love of what they do shines through in their enthusiasm throughout their blog. Congratulations, Suze and Paul, on making runner-up in our Little Black Sofa Awards Luxury Columnist category!

Blog Awards, Luxury Columnist

Fashion & Beauty

WINNER : Raindrops of Sapphire

Your runaway favourite in this category. Inspiring, uplifting and, above all, a sense of style we can all aspire to. Lorna Burford describes this as her personal blog where she shares all the things she loves best – so a strong focus on designer shoes and premium denim. Raindrops of Sapphire showcases Lorna’s personal style (and her unashamed love of denim – she owns more than 100 pairs of premium jeans). Discover her favourite outfits, designer bags, fashion accessories and a lot of shoes. If you love Chanel, LV, Gucci, Mulberry and Louboutin (and denim), this is the blog for you.
Blog Awards, Raindrops of Sapphire

RUNNER-UP : Cult Beauty

Written by a dedicated team of beauty devotees, Cult Beauty tracks down the coolest cult products the world has to offer. They religiously try out everything before telling everyone about it, and will only feature products they absolutely adore; beauty products that do the job you want them to do. Every product has to work hard to be featured here. These are the beauty secrets we all want to know – and Cult Beauty are happy to share.

Blog Awards, Cult Beauty


WINNER : Contemporist

As well as gorgeous, contemporary architecture, Contemporist focuses on interiors, design, art and travel – yet all of it from an architect’s point of view. From gorgeous product designs to innovative vacation properties, airports to art galleries, car parks to kindergartens. Updated daily, there is so much content here, we never know where to start. This is a great read when you have time to grab your favourite coffee, sit down and put your feet up for a while.
Blog Awards, contemporist

RUNNER-UP : Design Boom

All the latest news, interviews and key issues in the fields of architecture, design, technology, interiors and art. Designboom unearths the best projects and the most interesting aspects of contemporary culture. They say their aim is to bring together professionals and young creatives. We enjoy their fun, quirky approach.

blog awards, design boom

Instagrammer Award

WINNER : Cara Sutherland

When there’s so much competition on Instagram, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, fresh, fun and often floral, Cara Sutherland’s Insta page takes in Style, Interiors and Beauty, all with equally fabulous photos. With a style that is classic, understated and effortless, it’s like a breath of fresh air. A firm favourite with the Little Black Sofa Awards voters.

blog awards, Cara Sutherland

RUNNER-UP : The Pink House

Rich, colourful interiors with glorious prints, a touch of Frida Kahlo and – surprise, surprise – a whole lot of pink. Emily Murray shares images from her own home and other projects, giving us a much-needed shot of pinkspiration. Unashamedly rose-tinted, this page just goes to prove that the world needs more pink.

blog awards, Pink House

Last but not Least…

Finally, congratulations to our prize winner who won a fabulous £1500 to spend on luxury furniture. She prefers to remain anonymous but says she is very much looking forward to choosing the perfect pieces for her home.

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