Millionaires Mansions on Channel 4

Millionaires Mansions on Channel 4 on Thursday 7 April 2016 at 8pm enters the private world of luxury interior design. Our founder, Juliette Thomas worked most of last summer with the film crew which followed her across London and Italy to give an insight to this glamorous but highly competitive world of interior design. Featured is a private Russian client who kindly allowed the filming inside his beautiful home under the watchful eye of a former Russian submarine inspector. The documentary combines Juliette’s professional and private lives and how she balances being a mother of 4 children while running a international business, based far from her home, single-handedly.

Juliette’s work is all about trying to keep one step ahead of the competition and ensuring each customer’s experience and the service offered is second to none and well above what her competitors offer. An insight into how Juliette and her staff achieve this makes entertaining and interesting viewing.

We hope you enjoy the show. If you’re inspired, why not take a visit to our London Showroom, request our new brochure or browse the vast range of luxury products you can buy on our website.

Millionaires Mansions

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