New Luxury Furniture Collection – a Sneak Peek

We are busy putting the finishing touches to our latest luxury furniture showroom collection. We’re decorating, installing, primping and plumping. As soon as it’s absolutely perfect, we will share the whole collection in all its glory. Today, though, we are giving you a sneak peek at some of the fabulous design details and flawless finishes you can look forward to. They are truly gorgeous but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

luxury furniture, luxury footstools, blue and mustard, woven velvet and satin fabric

A Sneak Peek at Luxury Furniture Fabrics

This really is luxury furniture at its absolute finest. It is going to be one of our most glamorous, opulent collections. Look out for ultra-luxe materials, exquisite finishes and more than a hint of Art Deco decadence. You’ll find rich, deep base colours with splashes of yellow and lime. There’s an abundance of high gloss lacquers and gold leaf, while fabrics are sumptuous and tactile. Clever engineering takes smooth satins and sleek velvets beyond mere upholstery. A stand-out design feature throughout the collection is the interlacing of luxury fabrics with bold, metallic elements, creating an eye-catching statement.

luxury furniture, black and gold chaise longue with woven velvet and brass head and foot
luxury furniture, satin cushions in navy blue and mustard
luxury furniture, woven satin detail on headboard
woven satin and velvet luxury chair, navy blue
woven satin and velvet footstool, mustard
black lacquer detail and jacquard fabric on back of luxury dining chair
luxury cream velvet and brass woven detail

A Sneak Peek at Luxury Furniture Materials

We’ve chosen some wonderful woods, not only for their warmth but also their outstanding, natural finishes. Cool marbles form a fabulous contrast. Stunning mirrors become a design feature in their own right. The luxury furniture collection encompasses designer beds and bedroom furniture, luxurious chaise longues and superb armchairs. Designer dining furniture, bar stools and luxury lighting. This is a collection full of personality and pzazz.

ebony wood interior of drawers in luxury bureau
ebony wood and glass interior of small cupboard, with gold leaf finish
luxury dressing screen, scallop detail in gold leaf
luxury mirror, close up of metallic decorative detail
luxury lighting, contemporary floor lamp with circular, laser cut metallic elements and diffuser light
luxury furniture, detail of lamp base with textured, gold metallic poles and black marble base
luxury furniture, circular coffee table with high gloss walnut base and white marble top
ebony bureau with gold, textured handle detail
geometric mirror with aged finish and 3D detail
luxury furniture, blue and gold glass candle holder, detail

Finish is Everything

Every piece is outstanding and hand crafted to a world class standard. Quality of finish is everything and each piece of luxury furniture in this collection is perfect, right down to the very last detail. We hope this sneak peek through some of the finer detail has whet your appetite. Now can you see what we are so excited about? We can’t wait to share the whole collection with you. Not long now…

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