Our Top Tips on Maximising Storage With Style

Spring is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: spring cleaning! It’s not uncommon for people to let their homes get a little cluttered amidst the hustle and bustle of the winter months. You may be feeling like your home is in need of some rejuvenation, and decluttering your space is obviously an effective method. However, you don’t want to do all that decluttering work just to let it get messy again in a matter of weeks. Implementing plenty of storage in your home is the key to optimising your space, ensuring it will stay neat and tidy year-round.

Read on for our top tips on maximising storage in your home with style!

Built-in storage

So, you’ve turned your home upside-down clearing out all the clutter, and now you’ve found yourself not knowing where to put away those little knick-knacks that don’t quite fit anywhere in the house. Well, the answer to your prayers is furniture with built-in storage. The benefits of opting for storage-inclusive furniture are endless. For a start, these furniture pieces are often necessary inclusions in your home anyway, and therefore won’t be taking up any extra space.

For example, optimising your living space will become a hundred times easier by doing something as simple as opting for a storage-inclusive coffee table instead of a standard one. This makes the coffee table multifunctional, so you can display all of your nicest decor on top, while using the built-in drawers to keep your less appealing necessities organised and hidden away.

In the bedroom, a similar sentiment can be followed; investing in a quality bed with built-in storage can go a long way in helping you optimise your bedroom space. We tend to keep most of our personal belongings in the bedroom, making it the easiest space to clutter up. It’s safe to say we’ve all experienced that unsightly pile of clothing buildup in our bedrooms at least once or twice, and it’s little things like that which can make the space feel claustrophobic. 

Alongside the obvious wardrobe storage, having extra storage built into your bed makes it so that you’ll never have to worry about that claustrophobic feeling in your bedroom. You also won’t have to worry about the extra storage taking up more space than necessary in the room, as your bed is already (obviously) a bedroom necessity.

Tiered shelving

If you’re going for surfaces as storage in your home, we recommend multiplying them to fit as many items as possible. We’re talking about shelves, coffee tables, console tables, and so on. Not only are these practical for storage purposes, they also add an interesting and dynamic flair to each piece, adding depth to your space while conveniently keeping it uncluttered.

Check out our top picks for pieces that feature tiered shelving:

Display cabinets

While they may take up a little more space, grand display cabinets or bookcases can make for an impressive feature piece in your home, while simultaneously acting as extra storage. Alongside practicality, featuring a piece like this in your home can really elevate your luxury interior, giving the space a put-together, sophisticated appeal. Most display cabinets and bookcases tend to come with a large open shelving feature with convenient additional drawers. 

We recommend displaying your most valued and impressive decor pieces on the most visible parts of the shelving to complement the grandiose structure of the cabinet, and keeping those slightly more lacklustre objects (you know – batteries, paperwork, extra lightbulbs – the boring stuff, basically) hidden away in the extra drawers.

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