Stylish al-fresco dining ideas for your garden

With the warmer weather ahead, al-fresco dining parties are immediately on the menu. Get inspired with our stylish al-fresco dining ideas and upgrade your garden design.

Choosing a beautiful outdoor dining set is something you should consider if you want your al-fresco dinner experience to be out of this world amazing.

Over the last few years, we developed a new appreciation for our gardens as much an extension of our living space. Sitting in your garden and looking back at the house is one of the best spots that sometimes gets neglected.

Moreover, selecting the right complementary seating and garden accessories is key to achieving that perfect spot and ensuring that your outdoor is as characterful as your indoor.

If you are looking to create the perfect al-fresco dining, then keep scrolling. We have rounded up our favourite al-fresco dining ideas to bring your garden to the next level.

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1. Choose a marble outdoor table

Marble dining furniture is often an elegant way to complement sophisticated interiors. The same can be applied to outdoor dining. For instance, choosing a natural stone table can be a striking addition to traditional al-fresco dining designs. However, combining marble with woven rattan in a natural tone, lighten the overall look of the stone.

Our Rattan Style Outdoor Oval Marble Dining Set creates a sense of exclusivity and is a fabulous show-stopper.

The combination of marble and woven rattan creates a sense of harmony within your natural surroundings for relaxing days and cosy nights.

2. Play with natural colours

Wood textures are a great choice to include in your outdoor set-up. While the wood adds a rustic touch, keeping the finish natural complements a relaxing ambience.

For example, an all-neutral patio makes the area an oasis of relaxation and allows tableware to pop even more. Limiting yourself to plain colours rather than patterns also helps encourage this natural feel.

Luxury garden dining table by the pool for dining al-fresco

3. Rustic charm

Stylish, minimalist and modern. This ultra-modern, outdoor dining area features our Italian Teak Garden Dining Table Set. Smooth lines and a beautiful teak finish, blend perfectly into a truly unique dining design.

If you want to highlight rustic decor in its natural glory, rattan and wicker might be the materials for you. Their raw and organic texture is a natural fit for this style and allows you to create a space that’s full of calming neutral hues.

4. Choose an indoor dining table for outside

If you were never captivated by garden furniture, you should consider opting for an indoor dining table.

The options are endless in style and design therefore you can always make it garden-appropriate with linen tableware.

Dress your table with linen runners and napkins, and bring out your china and glassware. As a result, this is a sophisticated way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor and maintain a classy feel in the garden.

5. Dine under the shade

As much as we love the sunshine, it’s important to integrate shaded areas into your al-fresco dining.

A large outdoor umbrella offers protection from the sun and allows you to enjoy thought dining even the hottest of days.

A well-designed outdoor umbrella can also be a design feature in your garden design. As a matter of fact, it adds a sculptural silhouette that grounds an outdoor seating scheme.

6. Stylish and comfortable al-fresco seating

Choosing outdoor seating can be easily overlooked. Before making your selection, ensure to consider what will be best for your space.

Outdoor seating doesn’t just have to look good but should feel good, too. Don’t forget the whole purpose of al-fresco dining is to sit back and relax. If the space allows, choose dining chairs that look great and are comfortable enough so you will want to linger around the table well past sunset and dessert.

For smaller spaces, benches are a stylish alternative to chairs that can be easily be tucked under the table when not needed. In addition, they are a great solution for extra seating and informal gatherings.

7. Relaxed dining

If you prefer a less informal dining setting without compromising sophistication, a coffee table and garden sofa are perfect.

Dining al-fresco can be fun and informal; for instance, a sofa and a couple of armchairs are more than ideal.

Invest in a garden coffee table to put food on so friends and family can leisurely pick at your buffet.

8. Design your al fresco dining space with us

Check out our Garden Furniture collection, where you can browse all the products and get inspired. We would love to help you design an idyllic al fresco dining spot, contact our designers or give us a call at +4402078707415.

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