Dazzle Your Guests: Guest Bedroom Edition

Having guests in your home is always an exciting and enjoyable experience. However, the preparation for this can often cause hosts quite a bit of stress. We’re here to soothe those worries with the second of our three-part series on creating an impressive home interior for guests. This week we’re focusing on the all-important guest bedroom. Last week we spoke about creating a dazzling dining room, so head over and read our tips if you missed that.

Of course, the guest bedroom is probably the most vital part of this series. While impressive communal spaces are important, providing a comfortable and sumptuous space for your guests to rest their head is an absolute must. Read on for our top tips on curating a guest bedroom in your home that will put any 5-star hotel to shame.

Provide a luxurious bed

We know, this one is a given. But hey, it’s the most important part of the room – we have to give it some attention! Providing your guest with a high-quality, luxurious bed is bound to win you some points with your guest. Realistically, the bed is what’s going to separate a luxury guest bedroom from a regular one. Think of it as you would a hotel room. Would you expect a dingy old bed in a luxury 5-star hotel? Of course not! Your loved ones deserve a plush, spacious bed, made to the highest standard. Not only that – beds with some sort of visual interest are going to make your guests feel truly pampered. Opt for a high-end, high-quality bed with dazzling aesthetic appeal to give your guest bedroom real wow-factor.

Top tip: curate a chic guest bedroom by incorporating the trending colours we discussed in our previous blog post on 2023 interior design trends.

Less is more

When it comes to guest bedrooms, it’s best not to have a cluttered space. Decorations will obviously elevate the room’s look, but your guest will need space to keep their belongings during their stay. Consider cutting back on decorative ornaments – although they’re great for that cosy, lived-in look, they’re just not practical. We recommend a minimalistic approach, keeping the focus on wall decor, Plus maximising surfaces for your guests’ belongings, such as bedside tables.

Don’t forget – lighting can also serve a decorative purpose! Place a chic table lamp on a bedside table to add a more dynamic look to the space, or incorporate a statement chandelier or ceiling light to give the room an invitingly warm glow.

Browse our top picks for multifunctional guest bedroom decorations that won’t leave the space feeling cluttered:

Furthermore, it’s a great idea to provide storage space in your guest bedroom. A spacious wardrobe or dresser is key – this way, your guest can bring all the belongings they need with them and store them away to keep the room tidy and uncluttered. 

Maximise surface space

We briefly mentioned this above with bedside tables, but it’s a great idea to have lots of surface space available to your guests. We believe that a vanity or dressing table is an absolute must for your guests to really get that 5-star feeling while they get ready for their day. Furthermore, a desk may be a necessary inclusion for guests who might be staying with you for an extended time – providing a space where they can work if needed is not only practical, but your guests are sure to be overjoyed by how considerate this is.

An added benefit of including practical surfaces like this in your guest bedroom is that their inclusion often means the need for extra seating. It’s always a great idea to have additional seating options other than the bed in the room, so that your guest has the option of enjoying some alone time away from the communal spaces if they so wish. Plus, seating options such as benches and armchairs can add depth to a room, creating a cosier and more dynamic interior without running the risk of unnecessary clutter.

Feeling inspired?

We sure hope so! If our tips have got you in the mood to spruce up your guest bedroom to dazzle your guests, let us know in the comments below. Come back next week for our top tips in the living room edition!

Furthermore, if you’ve got an interior design project on the horizon and feel as though we’d be able to help you bring it to life, you’re absolutely right. We pride ourselves on curating only the highest quality luxury interiors, so you can rest assured your guests will be impressed with any space we help you create. 

Remember, any of the pieces you see in this article (and across our website!) can be fully customised to your liking, so your bespoke interior will be bursting with your personality. Get in touch or visit us at our Chelsea showroom to discuss your interior design needs.

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