Retro Revival: 3 Timeless Interior Design Styles From Decades Passed

In an ever-evolving world filled with so much choice, few interior design trends ever get the chance to truly make their mark. Throughout the years, only the strongest movements have endured – and even thrived! As fads continue to come and go, some styles from eras past have proven they can stand the test of time. As a result, retro revival can help to achieve a timeless look whilst embracing classic design from decades passed. In this blog post, we are going to be diving into three iconic retro styles, and how to include them in your home.

Art Deco

Having risen from the ashes of the First World War, Art Deco is symbolic of prosperity and opulence. Indeed, this design movement once promised a better future for all. And its emergence during a period of rapid technological advancement has allowed it to remain the height of sophistication. An exquisite mix of geometric patterns, streamlined shapes and luxurious materials, Art Deco style furniture is perfect for bringing the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s into your home. 

For those enamoured by the many benefits retro revival has to offer in the form of Art Deco design, our fabulous Park Lane collection combines all the features of this iconic style with contemporary life – from exquisite veneer and marble sideboards to headboards of quilted leather. Find the very best of both past and present here at Juliettes Interiors.

Mid-Century Modern

The period spanning from 1933 to around 1965 saw the birth and popularisation of mid-century modern design. Despite this, it is still very much having its moment today! Characterised by simplistic forms, organic materials, and overt functionality, this type of furniture is famously versatile. The idea was to reimagine traditional pieces using contemporary methods and mediums. A contrast of fine woods, quality leathers, and stark metals; sleek lines, geometric patterns and organic silhouettes, it remains an elegant addition to all types of interior. Coveted by minimalists and maximalists alike, this style is fairly simple to emulate. A less-is-more approach can help a space to feel clean and open, drawing focus to the fewer pieces on display. On the other hand, its presence in a busier setting aids in achieving a warm and cosy feel. To browse our range of retro revival mid-century modern style furniture, click here.

80s Chic

In recent years, the vibrant and energetic 1980s aesthetic has made a comeback. Comprised of bright hues, exaggerated structures and futuristic features, this eclectic look is all about being bold and embracing maximalism. Think chubby furniture in colours ranging from neon pink to pastel blue. Playful symmetry with postmodern style prints on walls and upholstery. High gloss flooring and polished metal accents and oversized mirrors. This fabulously chic retro revival style is for having fun and using your imagination. But you don’t need to completely fill your home with this type of furniture to acquire the 80s vibe. In fact, mixing just a few statement pieces with more conventional items – or muted tones – will do the trick!

Retro revival style furniture offers an ideal opportunity to pay tribute to the past while creating visually captivating and unique spaces. Whether you lean towards the timeless Art Deco elegance, sleek and simple Mid-Century design, or the daring 1980s chic, there is a retro style to suit every taste – and stunning luxury furniture to match at Juliettes Interiors.

All of our designs are fully customisable. So, if you’ve seen something you like in not quite the right size or colour, get in touch for more options.

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  1. “Retro Revival: 3 Timeless Interior Design Styles from Decades Passed” by Juliettes Interiors is a captivating exploration of vintage charm and nostalgic elegance. From the glamour of Art Deco to the playful spirit of Mid-Century Modern and the opulence of Hollywood Regency, this article celebrates the enduring appeal of retro interior design ideas. With expert insights and stunning visuals, Juliettes Interiors inspires readers to infuse their spaces with timeless flair and distinctive character, offering a delightful journey through the captivating aesthetics of bygone eras.

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