The Park Lane Collection by Juliettes Interiors

Great news, people: our new exclusive Park Lane Collection has just landed! Featuring effervescent Art Deco inspiration with a chic modern twist, this stunning collection is ideal for lovers of refined, contemporary aesthetics. Expect an abundance of tactile velvets, flawless veneers and gloss lacquers in rich shades of green, brown, and gold. This stunning collection truly offers a timeless class that’s sure to elevate any interior.

Keep reading for inspiration on styling our favourite pieces from this collection in your interior!

Living Room

Let’s start off with some inspo on incorporating this collection into a luxury living space. The living room is, after all, often the social hub of your home. It’s the communal space where people gather to kick back and relax. Therefore, sprucing the space up is a necessity!

Obviously, comfortable and high quality seating is an absolute must. For larger living rooms, we recommend a large modular sofa with corner seating that will fill out the space nicely while offering comfort to more people. Take, for example, the Large Chaise Art Deco Style Sofa.

This sofa is comprised of three modules – the centre two-seater and two additional corner modules that extend into a chaise style. This large sofa offers optimum comfort, and its Art Deco inspired aesthetic makes it an ideal addition to any luxury living space.

We’ve styled the sofa here with a number of other pieces from the Park Lane Collection. Due to the size of the living room, we’ve doubled up on several of the pieces, giving the room more depth and creating a dynamic interior that offers cosiness while maintaining its luxury appeal.

Large Chaise Art Deco Style Sofa
High End Art Deco Style Sofa
High End Veneered Low Round Coffee Table
High End Double Tiered End Table
Large High End Lacquered Sideboard
Art Deco Style Veneer Console Table
High End Round Side Table

Dining Room

Now onto the dining room area, another one of the home’s primary social hubs. A quality dining set here is a given, and that’s exactly what the Park Lane Collection has to offer. The Luxury Art Deco Style Veneer Dining Set is made to order and handcrafted in Italy to the highest standard. Plus, its effortlessly chic style is undeniable.

The high gloss veneer finish of the dining table is sublimely complemented by champagne gold metal accents that match the hardware accents on each of the set’s accompanying dining chairs. Of course, each component of this dining set can be bought separately, but we just absolutely love the way they perfectly complement each other.

As pictured below, we’ve used this dining set as the centrepiece for a sublimely decadent luxury dining room. We styled it alongside pieces from the collection with the same glossed veneer finish as the dining table, creating a seamlessly classy visual that enhances the spatial flow of the room.

Luxury Art Deco Style Veneer Dining Set
Backlit Art Deco Style Veneer Round Mirror
High End Veneer And Marble Sideboard
Marble Art Deco Style Console Table
High End Glass Display Cabinet

To top it off, we’ve complemented the pieces with white marble feature walls and a central crystal chandelier. The combination of these neutral cream and brown tones accented by gold effortlessly elevates the luxurious atmosphere of the space.


Finally, we have some master bedroom inspo featuring our Park Lane pieces for you. For this, we have two differently styled bedrooms, so that you can enjoy double the inspiration. The first of our two bedrooms features neutral black and white tones with. a slightly moody twist.

High End Art Deco Style Bed
High End Veneer Bedside Cabinet
High End Veneer Wardrobe Cabinet

As you can see, the room still benefits from a bright and airy atmosphere due to its white walls and marble feature wall, complemented by gold wall accents and the off-white upholstery of the king-sized bed in the centre of the room. However, the moodiness comes in through the smatterings of dark tones throughout the space.

For example, the High End Veneer Bedside Cabinet and matching High End Veneer Wardrobe Cabinet are both a deep, dark coffee shade in a high gloss finish (and of course, both feature gold accents). These pieces match the veneer frame of the bed, making the room feel effortlessly put together. Finally, the room is complete with classy navy blue curtains that tie in the subtle moody tone throughout the space.

Our second bedroom features earthier tones, boasting pops of emerald green that elevate the luxurious atmosphere of the room.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the hold that green accents have long had on interior design trends, and we don’t see it dying down any time soon. This is for a number of valid reasons; on top of just being a gorgeous and versatile colour, green in interiors is known to promote wellness design philosophies due to the fact that it brings to mind images of nature, and can therefore lift our moods.

Art Deco Style Bed With Tall Headboard
High End Art Deco Style Dressing Table
Luxury Two-Tone Lacquered Bedside Cabinet
High End Round Side Table

Furthermore, jewel tones are notorious for their luxurious appeal, making them a great way to instantly elevate any luxury interior. The Large High End Integrated Wardrobe featured here simply has to be our top pick for this collection’s standout piece. The striking emerald green features coupled with the champagne gold accents… it simply doesn’t get better than this.

Large High End Integrated Wardrobe
Art Deco Style Bed With Tall Headboard
High End Round Side Table

Get the look

If any of the pieces featured in this article have caught your eye, shop our new Park Lane Collection now!

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