Five 2023 Interior Design Trends To Invest In

As 2022 draws to a close, the looming trend cycles of the oncoming year are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. In fashion, media, and of course, interior design, trend shifts are an inevitability. Whether we realise it or not, trend cycles have a way of infiltrating our collective consciousness and strongly influencing our personal aesthetic choices. In the realm of luxury interiors, we have already seen a number of trends beginning to creep into the limelight – as well as some current trends that have been going strong for the past few years. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the emerging 2023 interior design trends that we recommend investing in to get ahead of those ever-evolving trend cycles.

1. Wellness design

If there’s one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that your home should absolutely be your safe haven. Over the past few years since the onslaught of lockdowns and isolations started, home interior trends have seen a huge uptick in designs centred on enhancement of personal wellbeing. For example, we’ve seen a massive rise in popularity for home gyms as people have opted to focus on bettering their physical and mental health in the wake of the pandemic.

Integration of the outdoors in indoor spaces has also been a hugely popular aspect of wellness design. Maximising natural light and space, as well as integrating houseplants, are tried and true methods of brightening up any space. We don’t see this trend going away any time soon, and are in fact seeing new subsets of wellness design emerging, such as Japandi style. Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design philosophies that places a huge focus on feng shui. This style is all about creating a minimalist sanctuary of natural textures and materials, neutral tones, and clean lines. With its design philosophies being so simple, we expect to see this trend standing the test of time in 2023. Check out our previous blog post on organic modern interiors for some expert design inspiration.

2. Dark academia

Speaking of things the pandemic gave us – we can’t forget about home offices. With the huge rise in remote work since the pandemic began, the way we work has undeniably been revolutionised. Working from home has become hugely popular in recent years, so it’s no surprise that people have begun to invest in curating their perfect home office environment.

Due to this, the ‘dark academia’ aesthetic has crept into the spotlight, both in fashion and interiors. If you’re unfamiliar with dark academia, here’s the rundown: its inspirations are rooted in classic art, literature, and architecture. In essence, it’s old-money influence with a Gothic and moody twist. Think dark wallpapers, big bookcases stacked with old books, and ornate wall lights and candelabras for that whimsical, Gothic drama.

If you’re looking for some home office inspiration, check out our latest award-winning project, A Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office. For this project, our design team seamlessly married comfort and professionalism in a compact home office in London.

3. Eclecticism

We’ve discussed the ever-present minimalism in the realm of interior design – now let’s address the other side of the coin. Eclecticism has been emerging for some time now as a pushback against minimalism, and it’s a lot harder to define. Essentially, eclecticism is whatever you make of it; being rooted in individualism and personal taste, one person’s eclectic interior may look entirely different from another’s.

There are, however, a few styles that have recurrently emerged within this trend, and have thus been on the rise. For example, recent months have seen a steady rise in popularity for antiques and vintage pieces. This has lead to a surge in demand for mid-century pieces. This, alongside the renewed interest in 60s and 70s trends in recent months, leads us to predict an oncoming Art Deco revival in 2023 – after all, it was the 60s that saw the initial Art Deco revival. Here are our top Art Deco inspired picks for you to invest in to get ahead of the trends:

4. International influence

Remember that burst of popularity that anything remotely Mediterranean had over the summer? Well, it seems to have rooted itself firmly into our collective consciousness. Recent months have seen a huge uptick in home interiors with Mediterranean influences. It seems we’ll be chasing that summer feeling into the new year, as this trend’s popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon – but hey, we’re not complaining.

Expect to see an increase in heritage tiles, red earth ceramics, and paprika tones across your favourite home inspo pages on social media. We’re expecting increased interest in stone and marble details, mixed textures, modernist curves, and curved architecture and archways.

5. Calming cool tones

Come on, we couldn’t talk about interior design trends without mentioning colour schemes. With Pantone naming ‘Digital Lavender’ its colour of the year for 2023, expect to see a huge rise in lavender and purple tones being integrated into the trendiest interiors. Being such a versatile colour, there are numerous ways you can incorporate more purple into any interior. This stylish colour can be seamlessly integrated into any of the trending styles we’ve discussed already. Looking for some inspiration on how to include more purple tones in your interior? Check out our award-winning 2018 project based in the South of France. Our client for this project requested the inclusion of lavender in his colour scheme, and it’s safe to say we delivered – our 2018 European Property Award is proof of that.

Browse our top picks for purple-toned furniture from our stunning collection of pieces:

Of course, purple won’t be the only trending colour in 2023. This may come as no surprise, but green – particularly in pastel shades or jewel tones – continues to dominate the interior realm, and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2023. Whether it’s a statement piece or a houseplant, it’s never a bad time to invest in some green interior pieces.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got an emergence of blue tones on the horizon – particularly ocean blue. Perhaps it has something to do with that continued yearning for summer that’s fuelling our obsession with Mediterranean inspired interiors. Whatever it is, this colour will be right there in the spotlight alongside purple and green in 2023, so you can expect to see a gorgeous aurora of cool toned interiors throughout the upcoming year.

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