Juliettes Interiors is an International Property Award Winner!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Juliettes Interiors has won an award in the International Property Awards! We have won an award in the ‘Residential Interior Apartment’ category for the United Kingdom with our exclusive project ‘A Gentleman’s Luxury Home Office’. If you haven’t already, you can check out our previous blog posts for details on the development of the project and our finalised footage of the completed project.

An International Property Award is a ‘world-renowned mark of excellence.’ We at Juliettes Interiors now carry this world-renowned mark with pride, and continually strive to maintain that excellence in our future projects and endeavours.

Inpertantion Property Awards Winners banner 2022-2023 over laid on project image from Juliettes Interiors Gentleman's Pad design. Showcasing here the luxury bedroom furniture and furnishings

Our Project

For this project, we were commissioned to create a luxury home office within a finite space, set in a historic Grade II listed mansion in London. We worked closely with our client to design a modern, eclectic, and timelessly classy interior with designated living and office areas. Our team worked with the utmost dedication throughout the entire process to deliver precisely what our client had envisioned.

We began the process with a brief from the client on the specific facilities and aesthetic he was looking for, as well as his total budget for the project. Our team then got straight to work, designing floor plans of proposed layouts for the apartment, which were then presented to the client so that he could personally pick the layout that he felt best suited his needs.

Gentleman's pad sideboard, round luxury mirror and seating arrangements for desk, sofa and dining table

Next, our team put together the proposed furnishings for the apartment. Many of the furnishings featured in this project were made bespoke and fully customised for the client. Ensuring that the apartment’s design was expertly curated to fit the client’s personal needs and aesthetic wishes. Once the final design was complete, our team presented 3D renders of the finished result to the client. Our client was then able to make adjustments before finally approving the design.

With the design approved, our team completed the installation of the project. The result of this entire process, as you can see, was a luxurious office and living space with a fine gentlemanly flair. Both the client and us at Juliettes Interiors were overjoyed with the result. To receive an International Property Award for this project has elevated that pride and joy even further.

Gentleman's pad bedroom with large bed, headboard and luxury furnishings

The International Property Awards

We are honoured to be an award winner. The International Property Awards are an incredibly prestigious organisation. They celebrate the highest levels of talent and achievement in interior design, property, and real estate. The award categories are split into regions covering Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, the UK and the USA. With this organisation being recognised worldwide for its contribution to the property industry.

Over the years, the International Property Awards have been sponsored by a number of leading branded companies, solidifying just how prestigious the organisation truly is. Among its prominent headline sponsors are Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and Bentley Motors, with this year’s main sponsor being Rolls-Royce. These sponsorships have been mutually beneficial for both the sponsors and award winners (and their clients!) to develop new contacts and broaden business horizons.

Award entries are judged by a panel of over 50 highly experienced and respected expert professionals. Ensuring that winners are awarded on pure talent, merit, and fulfilment of property disciplines. Our project’s success proves just how talented our interior design team is here at Juliettes Interiors. To fulfil a client’s commission and create a high-end interior that has been recognised on such a high level is no simple task.

Gentlemen's pad, showing office table and chair, comfortable dining space with a sofa and a wall mounted tv

Elevate Your Space with Juliettes Interiors

Our incredible design team truly put their utmost dedication into this project, and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. Do you have an upcoming interior design project and think our team could be the perfect fit for you? If so we encourage you to get in touch. We’re dedicated to the art of curating interiors, and take pride in handling all projects with seamless professionalism, from initial consultation right through to final installation.

Alternatively, if you’ve found yourself inspired by our project’s exclusive luxury design, we’ve previously put together some tips to recreate this award-winning look in your own space.

If you’re interested in learning more about curating stunning interiors such as this for yourself, we recommend looking into our Online Interior Design Course. We provide all the tools you need to develop a highly impressive skill for interior design. Our course has been described by Livingetc as “one of the best online design courses”. So you can rest assured that it will be an excellent investment into a boast-worthy life skill. Join our waiting list and weekly newsletter to be the first to hear about future courses!

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