Dazzle Your Guests: Living Room Edition

Often being the largest space of a home, the living room tends to be the communal hub, where you and your guests can gather and spend quality time together. Due to this, it’s important to curate an inviting and convivial living space that will make your guests feel right at home. In the final part of our series of tips on dazzling any guest in your home, we’ll be focusing our attention on the living room.

If you missed our previous entries, you can catch up with our dazzling dining room and guest bedroom tips. Read on for our top expert tips on creating a living room that will not only inspire your guests to enquire where you found your stunning designer decor, but will invite them to kick back, relax, and soak in the immaculate atmosphere.

Luxury Designer Italian Button Upholstered Sofa

Create a colour scheme

Establishing a cohesive colour palette throughout your living room is a great way of enhancing the flow of space within the room. Not to mention, it simply elevates the space by making it look effortlessly more put together. For example, if you have a feature wall in your living room, consider matching your furniture or decor to the colour of the wallpaper.

Additionally, incorporating trending tones into your living room’s colour scheme is a top tip to impress any guest. In our previous blog post on 2023 interior design trends, we discussed the cool tones that we see emerging as trending colours for 2023. Take, for example, our top trending colour: digital lavender. This shade will create a calming ambience in any space, and with Pantone naming it their colour of the year for 2023, inclusion of this colour in your living room is sure to establish the trendiest aesthetic possible.

High End Italian Designer Rococo Armchair
Pictured here is our stunning High End Italian Designer Rococo 3 Seater Sofa, paired with our High End Italian Designer Rococo Armchair and Designer Italian Button Upholstered Coffee Table to create an elegant and cohesive colour-coordinated look.

Provide convivial seating

As a host, you want your guests to feel comfortable to relax, unwind, and enjoy your company. Obviously, you’re going to want to provide your guests with seating that’s as inviting as possible. We recommend opting for seating with the highest quality upholstery possible, ensuring maximal comfort for your guests. Plus, you’re bound to receive an endless slew of compliments on your high-end furniture when your guests feel just how luxurious the upholstery is.

Top tip: placing an upholstered chaise longue in a corner of your living room will elevate the space and give it a classic, timeless appeal.

Another great way of creating a convivial atmosphere in your living room is by incorporating some contemporary curves. Curved furniture will establish a smoother flow of space throughout the room, and will make it easier for everyone in the room to face each other while relaxing together. This way, conversation can flow freely around the entire room, without anyone straining their neck for a glimpse of eye contact.

Keep it personal

Last but certainly not least, add your own personal flair! After all, your guests are there to see you, not just the house. Marrying your own personality with your interior is sure to create the cosiest atmosphere possible. Whether you feel most at home in a hub of minimalism or maximalism, your guest is going to soak up the energy that you inject into the room. That means that first and foremost, your living room needs to be somewhere that you find comfort in. Always keep in mind that a truly luxurious interior is a space that is designed to cater to your personal wants and needs.

We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite eclectic pieces that will inject a burst of personality into your living space. Whether you want the room filled to the brim with unique and eye-catching pieces, or you’re just after a feature item to add a bit of flair, we’ve got you covered.

Bring your vision to life

We’re passionate about the art of curating high-end interiors. If you have an interior design project on the horizon and think we could help you bring it to fruition, we’re more than happy to do so. Our five-star interior design service has brought a plethora of interior projects to life, and yours could be next. Get in touch or visit us at our Chelsea showroom to start the process now!

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