Decorating With Black and Gold, the Dynamic Duo of Decor

In the realm of luxury interiors, the colour combination of black and gold is the quintessence of class. Endlessly versatile and sleek in nature, these two tones used in tandem can instantly elevate any space when done correctly. This timeless combo will create a dramatic focus, offering a refined yet glamorous appeal to any interior. Read on for our expert tips on utilising this opulent combo to its fullest potential in your luxury interior.

Unleash the Drama

While this colour combo is highly effective for bringing the drama to any space, it can absolutely be utilised in a way that keeps your interior sleek and understated. We recommend using black as the focal colour of the room for a cool, moody aesthetic. Adding gold accents throughout a darker room creates a rich contrast and depth that will make any space effortlessly luxurious. Think gold mirrors, lighting frames, and furniture trims for a glamorous pop of colour against a dark canvas.

Juliettes Interiors Top Tip: Placing gold trinkets and table decor on a black display cabinet or coffee table will also seamlessly carry the metallic theme throughout the room.

A Touch of Gold

If you’re going for an even subtler look, we recommend going for black marble pieces that feature gold accents. Take, for example, the pieces below. With their main features being sleek black tones, the subtle gold metallic accents make this coffee table and table lamp an excellent selection for a refined, timelessly classy interior.

Not after a moody vibe? Not a problem! Luckily, black and gold compliment white and cream tones exquisitely. Black and white have long been intermingled to create sleek and stylish visuals that bring to mind images of high-end designer brands – think of Chanel. Gold and white, on the other hand, can create a light and airy feel throughout the room, calling upon classic, ethereal luxury inspired by ancient Greece or ‘Regency-era glamour,’ as described by Livingetc.

Coordinating these three enduringly versatile tones will make for an effortlessly chic visual. It’s minimalism with a luxurious, Parisian inspired glamour – what’s not to love?

For a truly elevated interior, a green velvet sofa is always – and we mean always – a worthy investment. Green is another versatile tone when it comes to interiors, and emerald green will harmonise beautifully with gold to elevate the neutral black and white backdrop of the space.

Effortlessly oozing luxury, deep emerald green velvet sofas have long been hyped for their versatility, and deservedly so. We’ve seen this trend make its way into a variety of interiors, from the eclectic to the minimalist, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog on interior design trends to look out for in 2023.

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