‘Digital Lavender’ is WGSN & Coloro’s 2023 Colour of the Year – Here’s How to Incorporate It Into Your Home

The time has come once again for the next zeitgeist-defining shade to step into the spotlight and take the crown for colour of the year. This year, we introduce you to Digital Lavender, named Colour of the Year for 2023 by WGSN and Coloro in collaboration. It’s safe to say that the shade has cemented itself in the oncoming 2023 trends across the sectors of fashion, beauty, and of course, interiors. Read on for tips on incorporating this soothing tone into your interior.

How Does Colour Affect Our Mood?

Of course, pastel cool tones are far from being new to lovers of aesthetic trends. Over recent years, we’ve seen such shades taking the creative realm by storm, with Pantone having previously named Very Peri their 2022 Colour of the Year.

For those who are unfamiliar with colour theory, here’s a quick breakdown of how certain shades can affect your mood. Cool or muted tones have shorter wavelengths, while warmer, more vibrant tones have longer wavelengths. Research shows that short wavelength colours, such as lavender, have a calming effect on the mind, whereas long wavelength colours, such as red, tend to have a more energising and invigorating effect. Thus, it’s no surprise that cooler pastel tones often see spikes in popularity in the realm of interior design.

Digital Lavender is said by WGSN and Coloro to ‘evoke calmness and serenity,’ provoking consumers to maintain ‘recuperative rituals’ that bring elements of tranquility to their daily lives. This goes hand in hand with the significant rise in popularity for wellness design in the wake of the pandemic. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on 2023 Interior Trends that are forecasted to be huge in the new year.


Digital Escapism

The ‘digital’ aspect of this shade should, of course, not go overlooked. While the pandemic gave us a renewed interest in wellness, it also gave us a boom in the digital industry. This is undeniably a contributing factor to this shade’s influence on aesthetic trends. WSGN expects that Digital Lavender will ‘converge across the virtual and physical worlds’, representing wellness and digital escapism. 

With Digital Lavender already having an online presence, it’s no surprise that we are seeing it now manifest in the real world, as the line between virtual and terrestrial spaces increasingly blurs. Take, for example, the increased interest in the Metaverse; consumers are increasingly intermingling elements of the natural and digital worlds within their daily lives, which unsurprisingly carries through to aesthetics.

Additionally, Digital Lavender has been praised by trend forecasters for its gender-inclusivity. With the shade being such an accessible and universally appealing colour, Digital Lavender is expected to be celebrated across all generations and age groups.

Incorporating Digital Lavender in Your Home

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: walls. Lavender walls will, of course, be the most blatant way for you to incorporate this shade into your home. If you have no interest in subtlety, you can turn the whole room into a Digital Lavender sanctuary. However, some people may have a preference for the understated. In this case, a lavender feature wall will add a pop of colour without bathing the entire room in it.

If you’re not looking to roll up your sleeves and get the paint rollers out, here are some other ways you can tastefully implement this colour into your interior.

A Simple Sanctuary

Furniture in pastel purple hues is another obvious way to inject the shade into your home’s colour palette. For a more minimalist look, we recommend going with one feature piece in this tone and keeping the rest of the room fairly neutral, with subtle lavender accents scattered throughout. This way, your feature piece of choice will really pop against the rest of the space, while keeping with your clean and simple aesthetic.

You can check out our South of France project for some inspiration on subtly implementing lavender tones into your interior.

Juliettes Interiors’ tip: While the shade lavender is visually calming, the flower can also be used for aromatherapy. To really carry through the lavender theme, use dried or fresh-cut lavender as decoration. This will also bring in the element of nature that is so vital to wellness design. Furthermore, this will add a little bit of that Southern French flair to your interior. Kick back, relax, and imagine yourself in a lavender field in Provence as you breathe in the flowers’ soothing scent. If you happen to be opposed to lavenders, any flower in a pastel purple shade will do.

Embrace Maximalism

Of course, just because this colour is associated with relaxation, that doesn’t mean it’s reserved to minimalism. The essence of this colour is its promotion of individuals prioritising their personal wellbeing, and for some, this may rule out minimalism completely.

Elegant Occasional Armchair

In this case, sets of matching furniture in the Digital Lavender shade will keep the colour flowing throughout the room. Opting for patterned upholstery is a great way of making a statement with your interior, keeping the space bold and eclectic regardless of its colour scheme.

Juliettes Interiors’ tip: For an effortlessly eclectic interior, clutter can be your friend! Using throws, books, or personal trinkets as decor can add a burst of personality to your space. And, of course, if any of those clutter-esque decorations happen to be in purple hues, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Keep it Cyber-Chic

As aforementioned, the blending of virtual and terrestrial spaces is a significant contributing factor to this colour’s rising popularity. Video games, digital art, and the general increase in our collective time spent in cyberspace is what makes this colour so relevant to the current zeitgeist.

If you’re looking to implement a cyber-inspired Digital Lavender haze into your home, the right lighting is your best friend. Opting for purple tinted glass lights will emit that lavender-tinted glow throughout the space, creating a calming and dreamy atmosphere.

Alternatively, LED lights are always an excellent option when it comes to coloured lighting. The customisable nature of LED lighting means that you can choose from a range of colours for your space. Setting your LED lights to purple will bathe the room in a wash of purple. This will really emphasise the ‘digital’ aspect of this trending tone.

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What are your thoughts on WGSN and Coloro’s 2023 Colour of the Year? Does the shade Digital Lavender spark your attention? Will you find yourself incorporating this trending tone into your home? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear our readers’ thoughts!

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