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Last week we brought you one of our latest interior design projects, a charming town house in the royal town of Windsor, near London. This week, we’re giving you ideas and inspiration to get the look in your own home. You may remember that the original décor was dark and dated. Our clients, a young professional couple, wanted something light, airy and contemporary. What we created were fresh interiors, starting with a warm, neutral base but incorporating plenty of style and personality. A completely neutral scheme can run the risk of being bland and uninviting. To add depth and interest, we used splashes of colour, pattern and texture, alongside wood, marble and stunning metallic finishes. We created a feeling of space by using light, calming colours; wide, low furniture; clever lighting; mirrors and reflective surfaces.

Get the Look, Windsor town house, Living room

Much of the luxury furniture for this project was sourced specially for the client to match their style and budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get the look yourself. After all, you want to create your own individual interior rather than slavishly copy someone else’s. We have put together a whole gallery of fantastic luxury furniture, allowing you to get the look and feel of our Windsor town house. Remember, though, that these are only suggestions. All our luxury furniture can be customised from an extensive library of luxurious fabrics and finishes. You can even specify your own fabrics to create something truly individual. So, if you don’t see exactly what you want here, just call our design team to discuss the myriad options available.

Interior design project, Windsor, finished bedroom

How To Achieve The Look

To get the look of this light, modern, professional home, there are essentially three guiding principles:

Start with a warm neutral base

Although we needed to make the interiors lighter and brighter, we wanted to avoid anything too cold or stark. We know that grey has been a staple of interior design for many years but it is being replaced by softer, more welcoming neutrals. If you still hanker after grey, make sure you go for something at the warmer end of the spectrum. We used an overall ivory in the living room to create a light, cohesive space. Sofa, rugs and soft furnishings also provide a neutral base. In the bedroom, we went for soothing, slightly darker tones, creating a cocoon of serenity and calm.

Get the Look, Windsor Town House, living room with study area

Add layers of tone and texture

The next step to get the look is to introduce layers. Still working with a warm, neutral theme, now is the time to add deeper tones and highlights. You can do this with paint on walls, curtains and soft furnishings, occasional furniture, rugs and throws. Explore all the fabulous textures available: linen, velvet, fur, bouclé; wood, metal and marble. Make sure you keep your neutrals within the same ‘base’ family. To get the warm look of this Windsor house, choose a yellow or red base tone. If you are unsure, check out How to Use Warm Neutrals. Companies such as Farrow & Ball group colours together based on their undertone, taking the worry out of colour combining.

get the look, Windsor town house, textured sofa

Plenty of personality

This is where you really make the design your own. You have your neutral base, you’ve added depth and texture. Now it’s time to make it sing. Our clients chose bold, geometric patterns, pops of colour, lots of lighting, eye-catching artwork and lush foliage. If you want to get the look exactly, you could do the same. Or you could choose fabrics, artwork and accessories that express your own personality. Maybe you prefer botanical to geometric prints. Do you love those quirky, vintage finds? Or do you go for sleek, ultra-contemporary accessories? Remember, this is your home. Get the look of this Windsor town house by all means, but always include a little of your own individual style.

get the look, Windsor town house, artwork
get the look, textured wall covering with gold, skeleton clock

Need Help to Create The Look?

Whatever look you want to create, if you’re not sure where to start, or you simply don’t have time to even think about it, our talented Interior Design Team are only a quick call away. They can help with advice on a single product, a full or partial interior design service or a full property development service. For more interiors inspiration,check out a few of our other Interior Design Projects. Call today and let’s get your next project started.

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