How to choose the perfect Console Table

Ever wondered how to choose the perfect console table for your hallway, living room or bedroom?

Console tables are as essential as any other piece of furniture in your home, meaning they must not be overlooked. In fact, they can improve the overall interior and make a unique statement in different areas of your living space.

A console table is often the perfect solution to fill up smaller, unused spaces that are in between rooms. Introducing a console table to small or empty areas can transform the interior from dull to delightful in no time.

This piece of furniture generally works in any room of a home, from hallways to living rooms and bedrooms.

The plethora of console table designs is far larger than you think. From modern silhouettes, to Art Deco-inspired designs, mixed materials and sculptural pieces, you are sure to find what best suits your home.

With the help of our founder, Juliette Thomas, we have rounded up some tips to show you how to choose the perfect console table for your home. 

Choosing the size and style to fit the space

The very first consideration should be choosing the size and style of the console you want to decorate your living room or entryway. This way, you can make sure there is enough space for everything you need whilst also complementing the overall decor.

In this regard, Juliette states Size is a vital part of choosing a console. Actually, it’s the overriding factor due to consoles mostly being placed in entrance halls.  Once the size is decided, then the choice on style and colour can commence. Styles vary from standing to wall-fixed. Then drawers or no drawers for those little bits and pieces and keys out of view.  Mostly mirrors and paintings are normally placed above the console, mirrors being the favourite choice.” 

As with most furniture, “the style of the console table will ultimately come down to your own preference and what you like” says Juliette.

Dark console tables and neutral tone console tables are the most popular, as both will work with most interiors. “Slim, modern straight-lined, dark wood tables, with a brass metal inset is the most popular style by far” adds the founder. 

A statement entry

The hallway is what welcomes people to your home and, as a result, is your first chance to impress guests. Here, your choice of statement furniture sets the scene. Often, these spaces are dark and neglected, which does not need to be the case.  

Adding a console table can transform your hallway from a dull area into a design statement in its own right.
A console table in this area can also help to hide radiators and, if there are drawers, you can use those to safely store your keys and letters so that you don’t leave them lying around. 

Choosing dark and deep colours in your hallway creates a dramatic yet glamorous feel. For this, The Exclusive Designer Italian Marble Modern Console Table is the ideal piece. We love the opulent black and gold marble top and the way the brushed steel legs catch the light.

Keep an eye on aesthetic

“A meticulous selection of accessories such as a luxury mirror or a unique floral display help to draw attention to this design feature, injecting personality and visual interest” says Juliette Thomas. 

The Art Deco-inspired cross-base design of the The Exclusive Oval Ended Glass Designer Contemporary Console Table makes a fabulous statement in both classic and contemporary  interiors. Featuring a carved wooden structure shown here hand finished in Champagne Gold Leaf to bring a touch of opulence in any room. 

Define the purpose

A console table is not only a great way of creating a focal point within a room but also works as a practical addition to a space.  Console tables are versatile pieces and can be used for multiple functions. “You should decide what purpose your furniture of choice will serve,” says Juliette.

Understanding how you intend to use your console table will help you assess which on is the right one for your home. 

As suggested by Juliette, “If you are looking for a hallway console table and the space is small, make sure the piece you choose is not overwhelming, a small console will be your best option”.

Curve appeal

Soft, sumptuous and elegant curves are everything in interiors in 2022. We have seen this trend taking over sofas, chairs, beds and other furniture, including console tables. Curved designs are a great way to add comforting luxury to a room. The bigger the curves, the bigger the impact. 

The Exclusive Silver Leaf Console Table features a carved wooden structure defined by its gracious curves, expertly hand-finished in a Silver Leaf, complete with an elegant glass top.  Inspired by the serene beauty of nature, this handcrafted console table brings an instant dash of grandeur to any space.

Should you choose a console table with drawers?

If you want a console table with storage then choose a design that comes with drawers. These are ideal if you need somewhere to store keys, post or personal belongings. Some console tables come with one large drawer, while others have two smaller drawers. You may even find a console table with a shelf below for extra storage. 

Luxury Italian Mother Of Pearl Writing Desk

Ask the experts

We hope our favourites have inspired you but now it’s time to search out your own statement pieces. If you need any advice or help to choose the right console table, just give us a call, send us an email or message us on LiveChat. Our design team are on hand to help you make just the right statement.

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