Interior Design Trends 2022

Last week we brought you some colour inspirations with next years colour trends. This week we’re looking at seven interior design trends for 2022.

1. Curved furniture

Soft sumptuous and elegant curves are everything in interiors in 2022. Sofas, chairs, beds and tables resplendent curves add comforting luxury to a room. The bigger the curves, the bigger the impact.

2. Black Accents

Adding a pop of contrast to our neutrals, black accents are heavily featured in interior designs for 2022. Adding an opulent distinction to the more natural materials we’re seeing in interiors, black accents will be used for furniture and lighting.

3. Natural materials

With white marble and stone trending, we’re loving the use of natural materials. Adding decadence and elegance to interiors in 2022. Incorporating wood, stone, cotton and linen is bang on trend.

4. Sustainability

Reclaim, reuse and recycle, with a climate emergency on our hands we have to be more conscious in all our choices. 2022 interiors design trends see a sharp rise in the use of recycled or reclaimed material such as wood and glass. So as well as looking utterly breathtaking, you can take pride in knowing these were the eco-conscious choice.

5. Art Deco

A style that is never out of fashion, Art Deco trend continues to be ever popular in 2022. Shapes and patterns with an Art Deco twist seen across materials and furnishings. The curved shapes of Art Deco lend themselves to the softer interior design trend in 2022.

6. Larger than life lighting

Sculptural centrepieces are going to be huge (pardon the pun) in 2022. Beautiful, bold lighting sculptures, abstract and interesting shapes take centre stage.

Grand opulent lighting may not be suitable for smaller spaces, so another key trend for 2022 is contemporary, geometric-shaped lighting. Sleek and subtle, this trend comes down to those oh so important details.

7. Shades of Green

Sultry, luxurious, shades of green are dominating interior trends for 2022. Echoing the nature theme, green is synonymous with the great outdoors. Bringing more green into our homes gives a sense of the outside inside. Green is also associated with new life and positivity. Making it the perfect colour for 2022.

So that’s our seven interior design trends for 2022, we’d love to know which is your favourite? If you need some design help our talented and award-winning interior designers are on hand to assist you with your next interior design masterpiece. Our team is ready to help via email, phone +442078707415 or at our London showroom.

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