Outrageous Gift Guide 2018

At this time of year, we see so many Christmas gift guides popping up: gifts for him, gifts for her, what to buy for Great Aunt Maude, the cat, the postman, and luxury gifts for someone who has everything. And very useful they are too – if you’re looking for something off the high street. But what if you’re looking for something a bit different? Something that the giftee will never forget? This year, we’ve decided to put together our Outrageous Gift Guide. Outrageously beautiful, outrageously covetable, outrageously individual – and some outrageously expensive. These are luxury gifts for loved ones who deserve a bit more thought. And yes, we have included socks and handkerchiefs but they are absolutely gorgeous. Scroll down and you’ll see what we mean. From £16 to $1 million, everyone deserves at least one outrageous gift this Christmas.

Not Socks Again?

Well, they aren’t just any old socks. These navy & pink Mayfair socks by Peper Harow of London are soft, hard-wearing and quintessentially British, with a seamless toe for ultimate comfort. No matter how sombre the suit, these socks will certainly make a statement. The choice of both men’s and women’s socks is astounding but don’t just take our word for it.


gift guide, navy and pink polka dot mayfair gents sock by Peper Harow
Photo © Piper Harow
Navy & Pink Mayfair Socks £16, Peper & Harow


A Stylish Pocket Square

Pocket square. Handkerchief. Call it what you will, no suit is complete without that whimsical little triangle of colour in the top pocket. You could play it safe with a simple, co-ordinating colour. Or you could be brave, experimenting with bold patterns and contrasting colours. We love this Chianti Silk Pocket Square, which is somewhere in between. Available from The Rake. Go on, we dare you.


gift guide, silk pocket square, blue and green bold pattern
Photo © The Rake
Navy Magnolia Chianti Pocket Square £65, by Serà Fine Silk, from The Rake


The Finishing Touch

If no suit is complete without a pocket square, no shirt is complete without a set of cufflinks. These fabulous Vespa cufflinks by Tateossian of London will certainly bring a smile to his face first thing on Chrismtas morning. Exquisitely detailed with a double ended whale tail in the shape of a bike helmet. Such fun.


gift guide, vespa cufflinks
Photo © Tateossian
Vespa Cufflinks £195, Tateossian London


Everyone Loves Chocolate

Of course they do, whether it’s a chocolate orange or a single estate Peruvian. If you really want to push the boat out for the ultimate chocolate lover, we have searched out what is arguably some of the rarest chocolate in the world. With 81% organic cacao from Ecuador, this To’ak Vintage 2104 chocolate is matured for three years in a cognac cask and presented in a beautiful elm wood box, individually engraved with its bar number. You won’t find this at the corner shop.


gift guide, rare chocolate bar, aged in cognac cask, in elm wood box
Photo © Harrods
To’Ak Vintage 2014 Cognac Cask Matured Chocolate £400, Harrods


Sounds Perfect

Designed for people who love music, these P9 Signature Headphones by Bowers & Wilkins are praised by music lovers for their superb clarity of sound. If you know someone who truly loves music – and loves to hear it in all its uninterrupted glory – don’t they deserve a pair of these?


gift guide, Bowers & Wilkins headphones
Photo © Bowers & Wilkins
P9 Signature Headphones £699.99, Bowers & Wilkins


Black is So Last Year

Most of you probably already have a luxury briefcase. But do you have one in a gorgeous shade of green? Bet you don’t. And neither will the person you are buying it for. It’s all about adding touches of interest to your basic outfit. The suit may be restrained but the accessories don’t have to be. For him or her, buy them something to make them stand out from the crowd with this handsome loden green suede Piccadilly briefcase by Pickett of London.


gift guide, green suede buckled briefcase by Pickett
Photo © Pickett London
Piccadilly Suede Buckle Briefcase £445, Pickett London


If You Want to Get Ahead…

… get a hat, as someone once said. Established in 1676, Lock & Co is the world’s oldest hatter and supplies hats to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH the Prince of Wales. We realise that a hat is a very personal thing – in terms of style, colour and fit – so you might want to make an appointment for a fitting, rather than buy a hat but it really depends how well you know the person you’re buying for. We’ve chosen two of our favourites here; a stunning lady’s felt fedora and a quirky men’s velvet smoking cap. Very Oscar Wilde. You probably need quite a big personality to carry off a smoking cap these days but Lock & Co have hundreds of hats to choose from so if you think a beanie or a top hat would be more suitable, go for it.


gift guide, lady's green felt fedora hat, big bow, by Lock Co hatters
Photo © Lock & Co Hatters
gift guide, embroidered smoking cap, navy felt with gold embroidery and tassel
Photo © Lock & Co Hatters
Cholsey Fedora £565 and Embroidered Smoking Cap £295, Lock & Co Hatters


Smells Divine

Imagine opening up a beautifully presented gift box to find, nestled inside, an exquisite, engraved perfume bottle – with nothing in it! This is a Floris Bespoke Design Perfume. First, you receive your bottle ahead of your initial consultation. With a minimum of 3 personal consultations, the Floris perfumer will blend your perfect, exclusive fragrance with a certificate of provenance, 100 ml of which will fill your bespoke bottle, with 5 repeats of the same fragrance. Nobody in the world will have the same fragrance. Now that really is something to treasure.


gift guide, ingredients for making perfume with pestle and mortar
Photo © Floris
Floris Bespoke Design Perfume £4500


Never Wear a Boring Necktie

Business wear does not have to be boring. There are so many fun, eye-catching ties around that there’s no excuse for anything dull or insipid. We were going to suggest the limited edition Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Tie Set but, at time of writing, there is only 1 left. With some of his most iconic designs, it is worth trying to get your hands on that last one if you can. If not, we also love some of Alexander McQueen’s designs. This dancing skeleton, available from Harvey Nichols, is playfully macabre and could well cause a few raised eyebrows. Mission accomplished.


gift guide, Ralph Lauren 50th anniversary tie collection, in green wallet
Photo © Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Tie Set £2255


gift guide, Alexander McQueen black and red dancing skeleton tie
Photo © Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen Dancing Skeleton Tie £120, Harvey Nichols


No Leaves on the Line in Japan

Leaves on the line? Yes, for those of you not familiar with British public transport, the UK rail network grinds to a halt every autumn because of soggy leaves on the tracks. Never fear – on one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world, the leaves simply wouldn’t dare. Imagine taking your loved one on a trip of a lifetime on the ‘Seven Stars in Kyushu’ Cruise Train. An exquisite blend of Japanese and Western traditions, this train has only 14 of the world’s most relaxing, luxurious guest rooms with panoramic windows so you don’t miss a single thing. Bookings will open shortly for journeys from April 2019.



gift guide, seven stars train Kyushu, seating area with panoramic window
Photo © Japan Specialist
gift guide, seven stars in Kyushu luxury train
Photo © Seven Stars in Kyushu


Seven Stars in Kyushu fares start at around $5400 USD


A Jewel of a Champagne

It wouldn’t be Christmas without champagne but this one is truly spectacular. A rare champagne with an extremely limited bottling, the Piper Heidsieck Rare Le Secret Jewellery Edition comes with a unique jewelled decoration designed by House of Mellerio. Once the champagne has been enjoyed, you will be invited for a private visit to Mellerio’s Paris workshop where the gold and precious stone embellishment will be transformed into an elegant piece of jewellery. Only one each of a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald now available, only from Harrods.


gift guide, Piper Heidsieck rare champagne with gold and sapphire jewelled bottle
Photo © Piper Heidsieck


Piper Heidsieck Rare Le Secret Jewellery Champagne £115,000, Harrods


Christmas in a (very big) Box

In fact, this hamper comes in a whole suite of iconic Fortnum & Mason wicker hampers and contains just about everything except the turkey. Award-winning wines, delicious cheeses, condiments, crackers, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, tea – and even a tea set. There’s even a fabulous Fortnum & Mason chef’s hat to get you in the mood and a picnic set for that Boxing Day walk. This would be a real treat for anyone who has ever wanted Christmas to just arrive on their doorstep.


gift guide, Imperial hamper by Fortnum and Mason, 4 wicker hampers, food, drinks, crackers, tea set, beauty products
Photo © Fortnum and Mason
Fortnum & Mason Imperial Hamper £6000


A Vision in Yellow

A show-stopping image of one of the world’s most iconic and celebrated stars. This limited edition signed print of a famous Terry O’Neill photograph may not be everyone’s cup of tea but would be an amazing gift for anyone who admired the man and his music. Some of us could really see this, 6 feet square, on our showroom wall, others are yet to be convinced. Available unframed in a range of sizes, you’ll need to hurry if you want to get your hands on one.


gift guide, David Bowie in yellow suit, limited edition signed print, Victoria and Albert Museum shop
Photo © V&A
David Bowie in Yellow Suit £1920 – £12,000, V&A


A Rose by Any Other Name

Outrageously pink and outrageously kitsch. This is, well, delightful (pardon the pun, but it is). A gin liqueur with a fragrant flavour of Turkish Delight and light juniper, it would make a lovely stocking filler. Or take it along to a party and start a trend for rose-scented shots. It beats Jägermeister any day. In our opinion.


gift guide, Zymurgorium turkish delight gin liqueur, pink liqueur in bottle
Photo © John Lewis
Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur £25, John Lewis


For Those New Year’s Resolutions

Know someone who just can’t wait to get out there on Boxing Day to work off all those sprouts? The QuRoc Qi Crossover Inflatable Paddle Board has to be the perfect gift. We don’t get much time for paddle boarding here at Juliettes Interiors but we know people who do and all of them would love one of these. It comes with its own pump, a carbon V blade paddle and a compact, wheeled backpack so you can take your board anywhere your heart desires.


gift guide, QuRoc inflatable paddle board
Photo © QuRoc
QuRoc Qi Crossover Inflatable Paddle Board £699


Last, But By No Means Least

Now we are in the realms of ultimate indulgence. What do you buy for the woman who really does have everything? A $1 million bra, of course. Recently launched by Victoria’s Secret, their Fantasy Bra used 2100 stunning Swarovski diamond crystals and took over 920 hours to make. Unfortunately, the $1 million bra modelled by Elsa Hosk on the catwalk is not available to buy. However, for the first time, you will be able to buy a bra inspired by the Swarovski-studded creation. Available online from 29 November, it is a snip at just $250.


gift guide, million dollar bra, Victorias secret, Swarovski crystal embellished bra
Photo © Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra $250


Where’s the Luxury Furniture?

You may be wondering why we are writing about gifts rather than luxury furniture this week. Because it’s well past last orders for luxury furniture, that’s why. If you’ve already ordered your designer sofa or luxury dining set ready for Christmas, you can rest assured that our elves are hard at work making sure every last detail is perfect. And while you’re waiting for Santa to drop it down your chimney, we thought you might like to think about some very special gift ideas for the very special people in your life. We hope we’ve inspired you.



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