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Luxury Mirrored Furniture

“Discover beautifully-crafted luxury mirrored furniture – inspired by the Venetian styling of early artisans – as well as flamboyant or sophisticated modern designs.”

Exclusive High End Designer Mirrored Furniture

The majority of our luxury mirrored furniture can be fully customised, allowing you to create beautiful, bespoke pieces to fit your interior perfectly.

Visit our London showroom on the Kings Road to fully appreciate the quality of our luxury furniture in glamorous settings. Discover how we can transform your home, or advise on items to complement your existing pieces.

We offer full complimentary interior design services to all of our customers, unique to Juliettes Interiors.

Please call +442078707415 if you have any questions about our luxury mirrored furniture, or to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified interior designers.


Luxury Mirrored Furniture

The revolution of producing fine furniture with exquisite mirrored finishes started in early Venice by highly skilled Italian artisans. The reflective surface would create a fabulous illusion of light and space, impressing the Italian culture of artistic excellence and style.

Early Venetian furniture, mirrors and chandeliers would offer highly decorative designs, encompassing floral etching and elaborate patterns. Italy is still renowned today for its unmistakable style, and here at Juliettes Interiors we have discovered beautifully crafted mirrored furniture in the old Venetian style as well as sophisticated modern designs inspired by those early artisans. Our furniture combines traditional Venetian designs together with highly crafted modern furniture proving the mirrored style is timeless.

The evolution has taken place over many centuries but still endures today, creating magnificent pieces or smaller items that stand out from the crowd. From grand mirrors and fantastic chandeliers, to small bedside tables, the Venetian style lives on. Whatever your interior design requirements, from a contemporary to a traditional theme, a mirrored item of furniture offers a fabulous focus.

Today the modern designs incorporate other luxurious finishes such as alligator printed leather, sumptuous quilted nubuck leathers, suedes, gold and silver leaf, and 24 carat gold. Offering seductive and unforgettable designs made to the highest aesthetic principle.

The designs have come of age.