Stary Novy God 2017


Happy New Year! No, no I’m not that late, according to the Old Russian Orthodox tradition the first day of the new year is actually January 14th. So what better way to celebrate on a snow sprinkled London evening than with bubbles, canapés and live music at the exquisite Roberto Cavalli Home showroom, just a few minutes from Juliettes on The Kings Road.

I was invited to this stylish event to say a few words about working with our fabulous Russian clients. However, as the guests were so multicultural and interesting, I decided that rather than standing and talking at them, I wanted to invite questions that I could then answer, making it a much more interesting and fluid conversation.

I was firstly asked about Russian influences in design and any themes that we see when working with our Russian clients.   I answered that there was a definite style that we understood with our Russian clients and some colours that were very popular, but funnily enough not red! We found they tended to like colours in the lilac and purple ranges for their interiors and key pieces of furniture.  We also know that they love glamorous and opulent Interior design, and as we specialise in prestigious projects and top quality furniture it was a very good fit. I added that our Russian clients know what they want. However, they still want to be shown the best solutions and the most desirable, high quality items for their homes.

I was then asked if I felt there were many similarities between our Middle Eastern and Russian customers.  I replied that in our experience, both love opulent, impressive interiors and they were prepared to pay for top quality. However, they were very different cultures and clients, who whilst having some similarities were certainly not the same … I explained that our ethos at Juliettes, is to provide high end quality items and service, and so we appeal to both cultures but it is always the customer that sets the trend and we do our best to follow these trends.

The next question was about the very popular ‘chandelier episode’ shown on the Millionaire Mansions, television program. Primarily the changing of the three small crystals in the huge, three story, 7,000 crystal chandelier that my exacting and wonderful client demanded. I explained that this is the level of detail my Russian clients want and why not! They should demand perfection.

The following question was about budgets, do our clients have a budget? I said that as we work with domestic clients, they are drawn to us because of our top end items. We are very transparent about the cost of our products and this therefore makes the level of budget needed clear from the beginning.

I was then asked about business culture and how do our Russian clients adapt to the way we work in the UK.  I replied that in my experience our clients are very adaptable and want to behave correctly and do ‘the right thing’. They want to listen, are very open to ideas and are very accommodating.

I then answered a question about how we work with Roberto Cavalli Home.  I explained that although it is unique, (because some may think we are competitors) we have a very good, long-standing, working relationship and we often specify Roberto Cavalli items. Although not only to our Russian clients, but to all nationalities!

I then outlined how I work with my clients. Describing that I use my main life skill of interpretation, to ascertain accurately what my clients want. I meet with our customers to find out exactly their style and desires for their home. I then translate this into a project and I hand this project to the best suited of my highly qualified, multi lingual, Italian interior designers to fulfil correctly. I added that I always keep in touch with the project and make sure everything is running smoothly, all items are checked and the interpretation of the clients taste and wishes is spot on.

I explained that I love interiors, I love people and I love helping people. This is what I do best.

I was then asked an interesting question about the inspirations for our Russian projects and if they ever came from historical themes. I replied that for us, it was much more simple as we found that when our Russian clients came to London, they just needed our help to turn their beautiful properties into luxurious and welcoming family homes. Homes they wanted to entertain in, be proud of and most importantly, enjoy living in.

The last question was about the rise of bespoke products and if I think that is where the market is going. My answer was yes! Bespoke is what our clients want, they require something outstanding and unique. I noted how every piece of furniture we have ordered from Roberto Cavalli Home  has been bespoke and that they were exactly the type of manufacturer we liked to work with.

Finally we all raised our glasses and toasted happiness and success in 2017, or should I say Stary Novy God: Old New Year!




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